Here’s how Mark Wahlberg is putting on 50 pounds for his new role

Mark Wahlberg has been the protagonist of social networks this last week by sharing an image of his new figure much more rounded than usual. And it is that the actor is preparing for a new film role and for this he is trying to gain more than 13 kilos in six weeks, something for which he is using all his efforts. How? Eating eight meals a day and consuming more than 7,000 calories, according to his personal chef.

And it is that there are artists who leave their skin to play some roles, either by gaining weight, losing weight to the extreme or developing an overwhelming muscle to get into the skin of a superhero. So did Chris Pratt, for example, when he had to become the protagonist of Guardians of the Galaxy.

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Mark Wahlberg is in that process, although in his case it is not about getting in shape but rather the opposite: gaining about 14 kilos. The artist will begin filming for Father stu, a movie in which he plays a boxer who ends up becoming a preacher.

Your personal chef, Lawrence Duran, just spoke with AND! News to reveal how you are gaining all those pounds in record time. Contrary to what one might think, the artist “has not fallen into consuming junk food,” as the interviewee explains, but instead follows a plan in which he must eat every three hours.

Following the guidelines of doctors and nutritionists, Mark Wahlberg is consuming “relatively nutritious meals, all of them seasoned with spices,” Duran reports. “We met with a team of doctors who reviewed their analytics and with a nutritionist who gave us a detailed plan of the needs of his body, its deficiencies and basically presented us with a meal plan according to all of this,” he explains.

Every two weeks, Wahlberg and Duran go to the specialist to “check where they are and adjust things.” As the chef comments, the actor “has gone from consuming around 2,000 calories a day eating almost four times a day to eating around 7,000 calories eight times a day.”

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Mark Wahlberg is characterized by a toned and muscular physique


The cook explains that it is not easy to eat so much food despite doing it in small portions and has also given details of what these dishes contain. “We put the good carbohydrates, dark green vegetables and then we add the protein throughout the day and at least a dozen eggs each day,” he revealed.

Intended for Mark Wahlberg to gain the required 14 kilos in six weeks, the chef serves him his first helping of food at 3 am in what he calls his “pre-breakfast.” “Mornings start at three in the morning and his breakfast consists of four eggs. Then he trains and after exercise, when it is 5 or 6 in the morning, he eats eight eggs, six strips of bacon, a cup of rice, two tablespoons of olive oil and a protein shake ”, he specifies.

About three hours later, the actor eats some beef or turkey, either in the form of hamburgers or steaks, with another cup of rice. Three hours later, the chef prepares baked chicken along with another cup of rice to which he adds a cup of cooked spinach and another of beets. And here it does not end.

Three hours later Mark Wahlberg consumes 225 grams of pork or lamb to which he adds one hundred grams of salmon with another cup of rice, olive oil and beets. And to continue, a last dish of beef, fish and lots of vegetables. Before going to bed, the actor eats a mixture of oatmeal with jam, almond cream, molasses and applesauce. As indicated by the cook, you should consume it just before going to sleep for it to take effect and make you fat while you sleep.

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Mark Wahlberg’s fattening plan includes one day a week where he can eat whatever he wants, be it pizza or pasta, in whatever amounts he wants. As Duran comments, the diet is so tough because you have so little time to gain all the weight your role requires. For now, the results are noticeable.