Here is the trick to travel in first class without paying more according to a flight attendant

Travel by first class always costs more than economy class and that’s because, even though you will arrive at your destination at the same time as everyone else, the seats are a bit more comfortable, the food is better and you can get in and out first ( and no one will ask you to put your hand luggage in the hold).

The difference is not huge, but air travel has become more and more uncomfortable (don’t you think? Look at pictures of flights from the 60s, that was life), the space between the seats is becoming getting smaller and smaller and the closest thing to a snack you’ll have is a little bag of peanuts that isn’t even full.

And you actually have two options to get one upgrade in first class: either you buy the ticket directly, or you learn the secret that a hostess revealed on her TikTok account to help her community.

Can you upgrade to first class without paying extra?

In travel, there are in fact many tips and secrets you can use to your advantage to have a better experience without having to use all your savings.

One of the big advantages of first class is space, not only so that you don’t have to sleep in the circus acrobat position, but also so that you can store your suitcase without problem and without crushing all your things to make room, and thehôtesse Cierra Mistt says there are a few things that are going to give you the upper hand and a better place without having to pull out your wallet.

Speaking to her 3 million followers on TikTok, in her column titled “Flight attendant questions and answers”, the flight attendant began to explain the most common questions of all passengers ( why do you wake up before you land? why are you observed from head to toe when you climb up? and why do you have to open the flaps on takeoff and landing?), and it is there she revealed the best kept secret to getting a free upgrade.

Close Mistt says there are many ways toget a better seat without paying, although “it is not guaranteed to work but these are ways that work to my knowledge”.

How to do ? Cierra Mistt says the key is “tobe nice to the agent at the boarding gate and the flight attendant “because they are often under a lot of pressure and sometimes do not have time to sit and rest for a few minutes.

“We can work wonders when they bring us a Starbucks or a packet of candy. Especially during these long days when we have flights in a row and we don’t even stop to get food, ”she said.

Another tip? Choose your seat in the back of the plane. These seats are cheaper, and Cierra Mistt says that when flights aren’t full (and it often happens), they often have to move passengers to distribute the weight, which usually means those further back will move. forward, even in first class.

Cierra Mistt made it very clear that a little kindness goes very far (because flight attendants are humans, not robots), so if you want to have a better chance of traveling first class even if you bought an economy class ticket then you don’t lose anything by getting to the flight with a chocolate or a coffee for the flight attendants and sitting in the back of the plane.

Again, this isn’t a guarantee that this will work every time, but, even if they don’t move you first class, be nice: if it earns you better treatment from the agents of edge, that’s already taken.

Via GQ Mexico