June 17, 2021

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Here are the 7 things you (maybe) didn’t know about Tom Holland

Here are the 7 things you maybe didnt know about

From the top of his 25 years, which he celebrates this Tuesday, June 1, Tom Holland is building a solid career in Hollywood. The actor is the embodiment of a cinema that is a hit at the box office, earning a maximum of money with his foray into the Marvel universe but also his surprising performances in blockbusters. First revealed in a Spider-Man costume in the Avengers, the Disney rookie is also coveted at Netflix with The Devil, all the time and Apple TV + with Cherry, the latest project of the Russo brothers.

Although all the giants of the industry are snapping up the young actor, who never stops working, Tom Holland is a very low-key person in real life. He lives with two of his brothers and three of his best friends in an English cottage, which he insists on keeping a secret.

Son of a photographer and an actor, the Briton learned to separate his private life from his professional life, while cultivating his creativity with these artists. Despite its gray areas, here are seven things to know about Tom Holland, which will shed light on the most common phenomenon. bankable of the decade.

When he’s not on a movie set or rehearsing a role, Tom Holland is on the golf course. Rumor has it that he is completely obsessed with his clubs. Even on tour on the other side of the world to promote his films, he takes time to go hit balls. “I don’t know what happened, but it has become my addiction. I fall asleep thinking about playing golf the next day”, he confided to HQ Style in 2019.

If golf seems to take up a lot of space in the daily life of the actor, this discipline seems more to be a refuge than a means of channeling his energy. A true athlete, Tom Holland is also a big fan of rugby, tennis, cricket and football. It’s no wonder then that he still displays Olympic form in his often physical roles, from his stunts in Spider-Man to his performance in Cherry, through which he camps sometimes a skinny jerk, sometimes a devoted soldier on the front.

2. He learned he got the role of Spider-Man … on Instagram

Unlike traditional protocol, Tom Holland did not learn from his agent or the film crew that he landed the role of Spider-Man. It was via Instagram that he learned he had passed the casting, surpassing the 6,999 other young people who auditioned for the franchise. Among them ? Timothée Chalamet, Nat Wolff, Asa Butterfield, Liam James or even Pierre Niney, according to his words.

After five months of auditions, Tom Holland was in an unbearable wait when he discovered a post on Marvel’s social network saying “Check out our site to see who the new Spider-Man is.” A subtle way to create an event. The actor was never warned by Marvel that he landed the role and today is fun to say that many fans of the superhero learned before him that he is the new face of the man. -spider. For the record, he is also the first non-American actor to play Peter Parker. His predecessor, Andrew Garfield, also grew up in the UK, but was born in the US.

3. He landed his first role at age 9

Before being known for his roles, Tom Holland started his career in dance. It all started when his mother saw him dance like a god to a song by Janet Jackson and decided to enroll him in a dance class. He discovered more particularly hooked atoms with hip-hop at the Nifty Feet Dance School in Wimbledon. He is then spotted by Lynne Page, a famous choreographer who is preparing the musical. Billy Elliot. After eight auditions and two years of intense training to learn ballet, the apprentice dancer finally lands one of the leading roles and multiplies the interviews on television.

With this experience, he decided to become an actor and immediately landed his first film role in The Impossible, in 2012. Under the direction of Juan Antonio Bayona, he replies to Naomi Watts and Ewan McGregor. Between this XXL casting and the good reviews of the film, his career is launched. But the actor has never lost his splendor when it comes to dancing.

The proof with this iconic video where he takes himself for Rihanna:

4. He broke his nose on Chaos Walking

Expected in cinemas on August 4, 2021, Chaos Walking imagine a dystopia where women have been eradicated from Earth. In this near future, the world is inhabited only by men, subjected to “Noise”, a mysterious force which reveals their thoughts and allows each one to know those of the others. Tom Holland, who plays the headliner of this science fiction film, will discover a woman and have to hide her from his fellows, just as he will have to hide his thoughts from her.

On this film, which will certainly talk about self-control, the actor broke his nose during a fight scene. Less agile than Spider-Man, Tom Holland would have tried to backflip but got his legs tangled in his leather boots. When he fell, he thought he had broken his teeth. Seeing him on the ground, the makeup artist would have gently laughed at him before seeing that it was a very serious injury and calling for help. This is not the only pitfall experienced by the actor on the set. For an underwater scene, he also had to hold his breath and, straining too much, passed out.

5. He was bullied at school

In his interviews, Tom Holland said he has bad memories of his school years. Despite being a fairly good student, despite diagnosed with dyslexia at the age of 7, the actor was bullied at school following his role in Billy Elliot. To get the part, he had to dance the ballet to perfection. So he trained between noon and two in the gym of his school, reserved for boys:

“I was dancing in tights in the school gym at lunchtime with a teacher. The kids were looking out the windows. For 10 year old kids who all play rugby, Tom Holland who does ballet in the gym is not so cool. But I’m very glad I did that. That’s what I had to do to get the part. “

When his petty comrades saw him become Spider-Man ten years later, we imagine that it nailed their beak.

6. He has already made a film

Since he was a child in show business, Tom Holland has had time to meet great people, attend many shoots and read many scripts. These experiences seem to have prompted him to go behind the camera for a short three-minute film. Baptized Tweet, this short film features a little boy and a grandfather building a shelter for a bird.

Produced in 2015, this unpretentious work reveals part of Tom Holland’s family. The now very famous actor even co-directed Tweet with his brother Harry Holland.

7. He has already eaten a rat

During a trip to Thailand, Tom Holland was offered a rat tasting like a hyper cliché tourist. He happily played the game but quickly became disillusioned, do we learn about Melty.

“It was disgusting. I’ll never do it again. It was a mistake. I spent three days in the bathroom, let’s put it plainly. It was the worst three days of my life. But it’s pretty cool. to see, nonetheless. He’s like a rat on a skewer. Pretty cool. “

This is called a failure.