Henry Cavill signed for five seasons of The Witcher?

Has Henry Cavill signed for five seasons of The Witcher? It could be that yes, if one relies on the various rumors which circulate.

Season 2 of The Witcher series is coming soon! And even before Netflix airs the next season, rumor has it that Henry Cavill signs for five seasons … MCE TV tells you more.

Henry Cavill tease la saison 2 de The Witcher

It has been several weeks since Netflix has unveiled season 2 of The Witcher series. A hot teaser that caused a lot of reaction on social networks.

This first trailer was exclusively devoted to Ciri, the surprised child of Géralt de Riv. We thus discovered a character changed by meeting the Witcher.

A few days after this first teaser; Netflix has decided to unveil a second teaser dedicated to the return of The Witcher. This new trailer therefore put Henry Cavill forward.

In the images, Géralt de Riv therefore faces his own destiny. Very close to his fans on social networks, the actor did not hesitate to say more via his Instagram account. Eh yes.

So, Henry Cavill wrote this: “We understand that you wanted to see more of season 2 of The Witcher. Geralt de Riv is ready to face his fate “, wrote the British actor. And that’s not all.

While season 2 has yet to air, several rumors claim that the actor has already signed for five seasons. Just that.

According to the media Phonandroid, Henry Cavill would have indeed given his agreement for five seasons of the Netflix series. We explain why.

Henry Cavill signed for five seasons of The Witcher on Netflix?

Henry Cavill has signed for five seasons of The Witcher

According to their sources, the producers of the Netflix event series have already worked on the continuation of the adventures of Geralt of Rivia. They even signed a contract to adapt the series to a video game.

And that’s not all, since we learn that actor Henry Cavill has signed a contract for five seasons of The Witcher. A contract hitherto kept secret.

According to Phonandroid, each episode therefore yielded over $ 400,000 to the actor. The cachet of the actor would have increased considerably for this season 2.

In view of the hearings, the directors therefore decided: Henry Cavill will shoot in 5 seasons of the series that puts him forward. For two years now

For the moment, this information should of course be taken with a grain of salt. Neither Netflix nor the main actor have neither confirmed nor denied this rumor.

While waiting to find out season 2 of The Witcher, know that your favorite hunter will be present at the convention organized by CD Projekt RED.

On the program of this convention, we will therefore find conferences with all the actors of the Netflix series, The Witcher, including Henry Cavill. Fans will be able to watch exclusive behind-the-scenes videos.

And that’s not all. Those who will attend this convention will therefore have the chance to see a small preview the creation of the resulting games.

However, video game fans will therefore be disappointed to learn that“No new The Witcher games will be announced during WitcherCon”. To participate, you will have to go to Netflix and Twich.