Henry Cavill Says He Was Rejected To Play James Bond Because Of His Physique


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Monday 16, August 2021 • 1:54 pm

The British actor who has given life to various characters such as Superman for DC, Geralt de Rivia in The Witcher and Sherlock Holmes in Enola Holmes, has revealed that he was rejected to give life to the new Agent 007, that is, James Bond.

But it seems that Cavil, 38, seven years ago did not have a suitable physical complexion to be awarded the role. To Cavill one of the directors of the legendary film explained that he was not suitable because “I was not slim enough“The actor revealed to Insider, who added that whoever told him, did so in good faith, as a way to guide him.

It was tough love’s way of saying, ‘Look, buddy, you’re in a Bond screen test. Next time you come in for a screen test, focus a lot on making sure you’re lean if it’s for something like Bond ‘. And he wasn’t chubby at all, but he was probably heavier than he should. ” Henry Cavill

On the other hand, he confessed that he grew up being insecure about his appearance, since he has not always had a complexion that makes him feel comfortable with himself.

I’ve always been quite insecure when it comes to taking my shirt off. ” H. Cavill

We recently saw Henry sporting his now slim figure with white hair again in a new season of The Witcher.

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