June 17, 2021

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Henry Cavill and Chris Hemsworth fight to be He-Man in Masters of the Universe

Henry Cavill and Chris Hemsworth fight to be He Man in

MADRID, May 26. (CultureOcio) –

With the first images of the new animated series of Masters of the Universe: Revelation, a direct sequel to the original story from the ’80s, have reactivated interest in the live-action reboot of the franchise. And if the latest rumors are true, Henry cavill (DC’s Superman) and Chris Hemsworth (Marvel’s Thor) will “fight” to give life to He-Man in the film.

The Masters of the Universe reboot It has been one of Hollywood’s cursed projects for over two decades, with directors like John Woo, Jon M. Chu, Jeff Wadlow Y McG trying to make his own version of Eternia’s adventures, all of them failed. The last of these unstarted projects was the film he was going to star in Noah centineo and directing brothers Adam and Aaron Nee, who also got bored.

It is precisely this last version, which did not start production because Centineo himself left the project -and that even had a release date scheduled for March of this 2021- which according to rumors is trying to retake in Hollywood. The strongest-sounding name for He-Man is Hemsworth, but apparently it is going to have fierce competition.

Because as reported by Freak Giant Robot, Henry Cavill is very interested in the role, so much so that he is willing to “fight” against Hemsworth, who is Sony’s favorite at the moment. The medium ensures that The DC actor is pushing the studio hard to give him the lead role, although at the moment they still prefer Thor.

Of course, either of the two imposing actors would be a fantastic choice to play He-man, and they both have the fandom on their side from their previous work in the DCEU and the MCU, so we will have to wait for Sony to make a decision to know who will be the new hero of Eternia