Henry Cavill: 10 things to know about the Witcher actor

Henry Cavill has become, within a few years, one of the most popular actors in Hollywood and one of the most appreciated.

Discovered in The Tudors in 2006, it was seven years later that Henry Cavill saw his career grow by becoming the new Superman in Man of steel.

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Since then, the actor has made a series of films and in 2019 even became Geralt de Riv in the hit Netflix series. The witcher.

He is not about to stop and to get to know him better, we offer 10 things to know about actor Henry Cavill.

Harry Potter Emma Watson Daniel Radcliffe Rupert Grint what happened Credit: Warner Bros.

Henry Cavill, an unlucky actor

Harry Potter Emma Watson Daniel Radcliffe Rupert Grint what happened Credit: Warner Bros.

It’s hard to imagine that in his early days, the charismatic and highly regarded Henry Cavill was refused after refusal. At the time, the actor was not so in demand. There was a time when he was nicknamed “Hollywood’s luckiest man.”

We are in the early 2000s and young Henry is just starting his career after some experiences in the cinema. And the least we can say is that young Henry was greedy. Around this time, the actor auditioned for three of Hollywood’s most coveted roles: Batman, James Bond and Superman. But the actor suffers failure after failure, narrowly failing to get the part each time.

The first will go to Christian Bale, the second to Daniel Craig – although the director had a preference for Henry Cavill while the producers found him far too young – and the last will go to Brandon Routh. In 2013, Warner decides to launch a new project Superman for which Routh hoped to reprise his role. The latter will finally (finally) return to Henry Cavill with the success that we know him.

Today, everything is going for the best for the interpreter of Superman on the cinema and series side, since the actor is one of the most popular actors on the big and small screen (The witcher).

Henry Cavill and iconic figures

We just saw that Henry Cavill didn’t have much of a chance during his first auditions as a young actor at one time. Today, the actor is known around the world and the projects are linked, leaving him not a second of respite. He has also just been appointed to succeed Christophe Lambert in the next film. Highlander.

This iconic role is not the only one that the actor has played. Henry Cavill is now one of Hollywood’s most sought-after figures to star in popular films.

His role as Superman in Man of steel, Batman v superman and Justice League now seems obvious. But the actor also played other iconic roles.

In 2011, he played the hero of Greek mythology Theseus in Immortals, then will follow after his success in Man of steel, Napoleon solo in Very special agents (from the 1960s television series of the same name) in 2015, followed by a much-noticed appearance in Mission: Impossible – Fallout, in 2018 and finally, the iconic Sherlock Holmes in the film Enola Holmes, dedicated to the little sister of the famous detective. And the actor still has a bright future ahead of him, since he is one of the favorites of the fans to embody the new James Bond. Bis repetita?

Henry Cavill owns a bat

Harry Potter Emma Watson Daniel Radcliffe Rupert Grint what happened Credit: Warner Bros.

A shame for the interpreter of Superman, isn’t it? Besides, Henry Cavill’s bat is called Ben. An allusion to Ben Affleck, interpreter of Batman in the films of Zack Snyder? A wink in any case, because as the actor explained, the bat is one of the most endangered animals in the world and forced to leave its habitat. The fruit bat is classified as an “critically endangered” animal.

The interpreter of Superman is also committed to Durell Wildlife Conservation, an association that works with endangered animals in the most threatened places in the world. In 2014, he became the park’s very first ambassador. A superhero on and off the screens.

Henry Cavill loves animals

Henry Cavill cannot be a park ambassador for animal conservation without loving them. And like Leonardo DiCaprio, the actor is sensitive to the condition of our animals. In 2015, Henry Cavill founded his own association called simply Cavill Conservation. Its goal is to work for the safeguard and preservation of endangered species. His bat, Ben, adopted around the same time, is a perfect example of this, as is his dog Kal.

In 2014, the actor and his former partner, actress Gina Carano, together adopted a black and white Akita puppy (a breed of dog native to Japan). His dog obviously takes his name, Kal, from Superman, the real name of the superhero.

Henry Cavill is a big gamer

This passion for the game, in particular for the PC, that Henry Cavill experiences has also almost cost him once again the role of Superman. Because when he’s not shooting, Henry Cavill loves playing on the PC.

While he is in the middle of World of warcraft, a game he really enjoys, Henry Cavill’s phone rings. The actor, glued to his screen, does not want to answer, but above all, he does not want to let his friends with whom he plays online.

At that moment, it is the director Zack Snyder who calls him to tell him that he has obtained the role of Superman: ” I saw that it was him [Zack Snyder], but the point is, you can’t save to World of Warcraft, you can’t pause it. It’s live. And that was a highlight of the game. And so the phone rings and I ignore it because I’m not going to let go of these guys. […] Dived into the phone and missed the call from Zak Snyder, the one I was expecting, for Man of Steel », Said the actor on the set of Conan O’Brien, in 2016.

Lucky for Henry, Zack Snyder called him back and Henry was available to hear the good news that would change his career.

Henry Cavill is passionate about history

Harry Potter Emma Watson Daniel Radcliffe Rupert Grint what happened The Tudors. Credit: Showtime

No wonder then to have seen Henry Cavill play in the series The Tudors. Before having a successful career in Hollywood, it is towards something completely different that the young Henry wanted to go.

Younger, he devoured the historical novels of the French writer Christian Jacq. ” I really enjoyed them, will tell the actor. I was like, ‘If I have to study something, why not make it something that I really enjoy?’ The idea was to get a degree in Ancient History or Egyptology and get sponsored by the armed forces up to university. And join the army afterwards “.

A blueprint that the actor will finally abandon to tell stories in the cinema.

Henry Cavill is a fan of an American football team

Henry Cavill may be English, but that does not prevent him from being a fan of American football. So why American football when you are English when a priori, European football has an important place in British culture? Well, quite simply because it is towards this sport that his journey as Superman has led him.

In the comics, Clark Kent, aka Superman, was raised in Kansas with his adoptive family. The Kansas City Chiefs football team was therefore a logical choice for the actor: “ Superman is from Kansas. I was playing Superman at the time. It made sense to me “.

One of the simplest reasons which made Henry Cavill – rather a rugby supporter in general – a true admirer of the American franchise. We can also see him from time to time in the Arrowhead Stadium with the panoply of the faithful supporter during the matches of the Chiefs.

Henry Cavill struggles with the American accent

Harry Potter Emma Watson Daniel Radcliffe Rupert Grint what happened Credit: Warner Bros.

Don’t worry, that doesn’t mean Henry Cavill doesn’t like the sound of the American accent and prefers his pretty accent. so british. It’s just that the actor, born in Jersey, UK, struggles to reproduce the American accent in the movies.

And no luck for the Briton, since his flourishing career pushes him to know an important notoriety in Hollywood where he plays mainly American characters. The most famous and iconic of these being Superman whose character, Clark Kent, was raised in Kansas, in the Midwestern United States.

The actor must thus blend in with the crowd and be faithful to the characters he plays by adopting the accent from across the Atlantic. No small feat for Henry Cavill if we are to believe his own confession: “Doing an American accent is exercising your throat and mouth muscles. Sometimes it can sound good for a long time, sometimes your inflection is wrong. Everything depends“.

Moreover, during the shooting of the film Very special agents: UNCLE code, in which Henry Cavill plays Napoleon Solo – an American spy – the actor was supported by Guy Ritchie, his director. Henry Cavill was trying to emulate Clark Gable to capture the American accent and Guy Ritchie privately told him he was able to do better as his previous films have proven it.

A rather astonishing anecdote when we know that the actor speaks several languages ​​and knows perfectly how to take the American accent in his films.

Henry Cavill is multilingual

In addition to his charm and British accent, Henry Cavill is gifted with languages. The actor would speak several, in particular our beautiful French language which one can hear in The Tudors. Besides the language of Molière, Henry Cavill also speaks Spanish and Italian, and gets by in German.

Some even claim that the actor speaks nine languages, including Czech. However, Henry Cavill has always humbly claimed to know how to order only one beer in each of these non-Latin languages.

Henry Cavill came from a large family

Henry Cavill grew up among boys. The actor has four brothers, three of whom are older and one younger. Two of his elders worked in the army. Piers, the oldest of the siblings, is a former British Army officer, decorated with the prestigious Order of the British Empire.

His other brother Nick is a major in the Royal Marines, while Simon works in the financial sector and Charlie, his little brother, works in marketing. Henry, him, officiates as a superhero on the big screen.