Helena Bonham Carter is of blue blood, Spanish origin and passionate about spiritualism

The youngest of the three children of the psychotherapist Elena Propper from Callejón and the banker Raymond Bonham Carter can boast of an illustrious family tree. It includes barons and baronesses, a british prime minister and the maternal grandfather of Helena Bonham Carter, the Spanish diplomat Eduardo Propper from Callejón, to whom Israel granted the distinction of Righteous Among the Nations for Help save hundreds of Jews during WWII.

During his childhood, the future actress lived several family dramasLike his father’s stroke, which left him in a wheelchair. His acting career began at the age of thirteen, when he performed for a national poetry contest and used his second position to sneak into a casting agency. She soon had her first agent and her first acting job, in an advertisement, at sixteen.

With Brad Pitt in ‘Fight Club’. (Fox 2000)

Soon there would be more roles on television and a first assault to fame with only 20 years thanks to his starring role in ‘A room with a view’, directed by James ivory. Often referred to as ‘the queen of the corset’ for her early work, Bonham Carter continued to amaze audiences with magnificent performances from both Shakespearean damsels to neurotic antiheroines and ‘Fight club’. The Englishwoman has recognized that she was based on the last years of Judy garland to play the latter role.

In the late 1990s, he embarked on the next phase of his career with successful films such as ‘Fire Over Baghdad’ or ‘Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein’, directed by Kenneth branagh. Precisely in that shoot Bonham Carter began her relationship with the English actor when he was still married to Emma thompson.

Pictured: Helena Bonham Carter, in the series as Princess Margaret. (Netflix)
Helena Bonham Carter, Princess Margaret in ‘The Crown’: Parallel Lives

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This infidelity would later serve Thompson for his role in ‘Love actually’. “The scene where I cry in bed is so good because that’s something that has happened to everyone. Kenneth Branagh broke my heart“, confessed the actress in 2018.

Helena Bonham Carter and Burton, in a file image. (Cordon Press)

After five years with the British, his next important relationship went next to Tim Burton, whom he met while filming ‘Planet of the Apes’. Then there would come a fruitful cinematic relationship between the two with up to seven films together such as ‘Alice in Wonderland’ or ‘Sweeney Todd’. The third vertex of that creative triangle was the great friend of both, Johnny depp, Which is also godfather to his son Billy Ray.

Burton and Bonham Carter had two children together Y among his extravagances was to reside in three houses connected by a corridor: one for her, one for him and the third for the little ones. “We only have two houses together because mine was too small. We see each other as much as any couple, but our relationship is reinforced by knowing that we have our personal space in which to take refuge … Tim snores and that is a problem. deviated septum and does not want to operate “, related the actress.

After thirteen years together without getting married, in 2013 they announced their divorce and now the actress goes out with him writer and teacher at University College London Rye Dag Holmboe, twenty years her junior.

Helen Bonham Carter and Ben Daniels, in ‘The Crown’. (Netflix)

In recent years he has stood out for his roles as Bellatrix Lestrange in the ‘Harry Potter’ saga and with his award-winning performance of princess daisy in the Netflix series ‘The Crown’.

According to the British media ‘Tatler’, sources close to the actress assured that the frenzy for this new role was such that in its day he even hired a seer to put her in touch with the sister of Isabel II and thus ask your character for personal advice. Something that fits perfectly with the eccentric image that we all have of Bonham Carter.