Helen Mirren, Cate Blanchett and Jane Fonda: the fashionistas who want to save the planet

There is no doubt that the fashion industry is focused on its sustainable struggle, and no matter how many people wonder if its eco vocation responds to a marketing strategy, we can only applaud that, from the luxury sector, Burberry has prepared a bond issue to finance its sustainable projects, and within the affordable spectrum, Bershka just throw Denim Hack, a capsule collection ‘made in Spain’, 100% recycled and 100% sustainable. However, all action needs powerful individuals to carry it out, and in Hollywood are three of the most iconic women embarking on their own plans to save the planet and make fashion their weapon.

Helen mirren He has just uploaded to his social networks an image capable of overshadowing the mythical snapshot that has gone viral this summer in which Naomi Campbell is about to take a plane with all possible precautions. The actress, who defines herself as an eco warrior, is in charge of collecting garbage on the beach in Nevada to save Lake Tahoe and uploads to her networks photos in which she makes of her protective glasses and her mask what she calls “the look” . She is one of the celebrities who does not hesitate to repeat her favorite designs in the Red carpet, aware that the fashion industry is one of the great enemies of the planet.

Helen Mirren, in her favorite dress. (Getty)

For this reason, she has worn the same floral dress from Dolce and Gabbana to show that it is not necessary to release a new look every time the red carpet is stepped on. For its part, Jane fonda He has become one of the biggest names in the fight to save the environment, turning his red coat into his own superhero cape by being the last piece of clothing he says he will buy.

Jane Fonda, in her inseparable red coat. (EFE)

His sustainable vocation has gone further and he has not hesitated to repeat the dress in galas as important as the Oscars. The actress is one of the protagonists of the new Gucci Off The Grid, made with recycled, organic, biobased materials and from sustainable sources. In this way, she is framed not only as an echo warrior, but as a fashion heroine whose superpowers lie in telling the world that we do not need to immerse ourselves in the whirlwind of impulsive purchases in which we live immersed.

Cate Blanchett. (Reuters)

Cate blanchett She has become an expert when it comes to repeating looks, and has made the Venice Festival her catwalk to shout the same message to the world as Jane Fonda: you can be the most stylish of any event and red carpet repeating outfit. “Repeat is chic. Cate Blanchett has decided to return to wear some of her favorite looks in the Venice festival, as she has done with this Esteban Cortazar dress at the festival opening, a look she wore for the first time at a premiere in 2015. In her own words, precious things can be born from sustainability ”, her stylist proudly explains. Elizabeth Stewart, who will be in charge of auctioning these looks at the non-profit Chic Relief foundation, whose profits will be dedicated entirely to charitable purposes and which has been created by Red Carpet Advocacy (RAD), founded by designer Arianne Phillips and expert in marketing Carineh Martin in order to “change the conversation on the red carpet”, as has been claimed by ‘The New York Times’.

While these three icons of cinema have known how to use fashion to reactivate the climate talk and struggle, it seems that the new generations will take their turn with care, as shown by the one that Emma Watson be the new director and president of the Sustainability Committee of Kering, the group that owns Gucci.