Helen Hunt: at 59, the actress is back and her physique makes fans react

By Sofi S.

He was a huge star in the 90s. This is the role of Jamie Buckman in the series crazy about you which will reveal Helen Hunt to the general public. Then the actress will continue box office hits : For worse and for better, Doctor T and the womenor What women Want, alongside Mel Gibson. Helen Hunt even won the Oscar for best actress in 1998, ahead of Kate Winslet for her role in titanic. But from the 2000s, she gradually disappeared from the public sphere to focus on directing and independent cinema. What has become of her since?

Fans have had the pleasure of seeing Helen Hunt more regularly over the past five years. Shots Fired, World on Fire or blindspotting… The actress appears mainly in series. But she has also accepted a few roles in recent films, such as candy jar Or The Miracle Season, where she plays one of the main characters. And the star does not hesitate to use the means of communication today to interact with his fans. She regularly publishes content on her Instagram account. The opportunity for us to discover what has become of her over the years… How has she evolved physically?

Helen Hunt and cosmetic surgery

It seems that to the delight of her followers, Helen Hunt has managed to stay natural. In a selfie posted recently, she appears with a very light makeup and a rather sober hairstyle. A photo that provoked many benevolent reactions: “JI’m glad you’re not changing your face with surgery and Botox.”, can we for example read. Or : “Thank you for looking real, authentic and beautiful.” It would seem that in the era of cosmetic surgery, Helen Hunt has rather opted for a healthy lifestyle and regular physical activity, including practicing surfing. A choice that seems to fully convince those who love it!

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Helen Hunt: at 59, the actress is back and her physique makes fans react