Heath Ledger: the actor who surprised many by his performance as the Joker, turns 15 years old

Do you remember the performance of the Joker that stole the breath of many? We tell you more about the actor Heath Ledger.

After 15 years of being on everyone’s lips due to his unfortunate death at the age of 28 and after his participation in the Batman movie The Dark Knight, Australian actor Heath Ledger is remembered for his career.

During his time as an actor, he starred in various films that charmed all kinds of audiences, from teenagers to adults, as he acted with art film celebrities such as Mel Gibson, Billy Bob Thornton, Orlando Bloom, Matt Damon and Christian Bale.

Featured Films Heath Ledger

The actor participated in 19 films, among which are:

  • Batman The Dark Knight
  • Two Hands
  • Secret in the mountain
  • 10 things I hate about you
  • The patriot
  • knight heart
  • Casanova
  • Lords of Dogtown
  • the brothers grimm

Like previous films, his last film was not Batman, in which he played the Joker, but The Imaginary of Doctor Parnassus. Which could not end due to his unfortunate death.

When did Heath Ledger pass away?

Ledger passed away on January 22, 2008, a few months before the premiere of Batman, a film that promised to be a phenomenon since before its release, due to the actor’s performance as the villain of the story and the reappearance of the character, which only known for playing Jack Nicholson.

Heath Ledger The Joker

Although Ledger was no longer physically present, the Hollywood Academy awarded him a posthumous Oscar for his performance in Batman The Dark Knight, a film directed by Christopher Nolan.

If you have never seen Batman and Heath as the Joker, we share the following video with you so that you can learn more about his work.

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Heath Ledger: the actor who surprised many by his performance as the Joker, turns 15 years old