“He let his guard down for half a second and she slit his throat”: Meryl Streep Threw Hugh Grant Off His High Horse For Insulting His Female Co-stars – FandomWire

Meryl Streep’s sensational works on-screen have granted her an entry in the list of the most prominent and widely acknowledged actors in the film industry. Not only is she a terrific actor, but an even better personality in real life. Friendly, witty, and sarcastic to the core, the stunning actress never fails to catch people off guard: be it with her distinctively compelling acting skills or her sarcastic humor.

Meryl Streep

This one time, Streep even caught legendary star Hugh Grant off guard, hilariously sending him off his high horse with her sarcastic remark after the latter insulted his female co-stars in front of her rather openly.

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Hugh Grant Gave His Review On His Female Co-Stars In Three Adjectives

Hugh Grant
Hugh Grant

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In an interview back in 2009 with Elle Magazine, Hugh Grant was asked to share his reviews of his female co-stars from different movies in only three adjectives. To this, the Notting Hill star said,

“Andie MacDowell: Southern belle. Charming. Gorgeous. Emma Thompson: Clever, funny, mad as a chair. Renée Zellweger: Delightful. Also far from sane. Very good kisser. Sandra Bullock: A genius. A German. Too many dogs.”

Years later, in 2016, Graham Norton brought up the same topic when Grant appeared on his show along with Meryl Streep. He read out all the entries and the Love Actually actor’s reviews on them.  While he agreed about the others, Hugh Grant couldn’t keep himself from commenting about Renée Zellweger and her hilarious habit of sending too-long emails. He said on The Graham Norton Show,

“She is genuinely lovely. But her emails are 48 pages long. Can’t understand a word of them. I’ll say I put them on Twitter.”

But that wasn’t all: Grant had also shared in the list how some actresses hate him as well.

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Hugh Grant Let Down His Guard For A Second And Meryl Streep Threw Him Off His High Horse

Meryl Streep with Hugh Grant
Meryl Streep with Hugh Grant

Continuing to read on, Norton said on The Graham Norton Show,

“Julianne Moore: Brilliant actress. Loathes me. Rachel Weisz: Clever. Beautiful. Despises me. Drew Barrymore: Made her cry. Stunning film star face. Hates me.”

He then asked Grant if all these reviews were actually true or if he was joking. Answering his question, Hugh Grant said,

“Julianne [Moore] definitely hates me. Though Rachel Weisz, I think we got on fine. I don’t know why I said that. Maybe I was going through a comedy triple. I don’t know. [laughs] [Drew Barrymore] made the mistake of giving me notes. Which- how would you take that?”

To this, Meryl Streep cut him off by saying,

“I took them very well, didn’t I?”

This made the audience, Graham Norton, and even Streep burst into a fit of laughter, with Grant clearly caught off guard, sitting with an incredulous look on his face. One fan even commented on the YouTube video:

“He let his guard down for half a second and she slit his throat.”

While Meryl Streep later clarified that what she said wasn’t true, she did, in fact, end up perfectly throwing Hugh Grant off his high horse!

Source: Elle Magazine | The Graham Norton Show

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“He let his guard down for half a second and she slit his throat”: Meryl Streep Threw Hugh Grant Off His High Horse For Insulting His Female Co-stars – FandomWire