HBO: Succession furor in audience, Macaulay Culkin trembles

Ewan noted that Logan wanted to be perceived as generous, although in reality he was an immensely greedy being, and his brother’s wealth far exceeded his charitable contributions. However, he points out that Logan stopped trying to be a good person at the end of his life, which caused immense pain and darkness in those around him and in the world in general.

Kendall and Shiv also gave speeches about their father at the funeral, showing how much they despised Logan. Although they both wanted to express words of gratitude and pay tribute to the late patriarch, in the end the common denominator of both ended up being money. The brothers praised Logan’s legacy, and sent him away fake like a hero and titan of the communication industry.

Who is Kieran Culkin, the new promise for the Emmy

One of the actors who stood out the most in this season, and who had his pinnacle of attention in the final stretch of the series was Kieran Culkin, younger brother of the historic child actor Macaulay Culkinknown for the My Poor Little Angel movies, whom we could still describe as the most famous child star of recent decades.

Kieran is two years younger than his brother Macaulay, and although at first he lived overshadowed by the fame of his blond older brother, he did not know for sure that he wanted to be an actor until he was 36 years old. However, time passed and now the outstanding fee that the world of entertainment could collect has with his family thanks to the latest season of Succession.


Kieran Culkin exacts revenge against his family on and off the HBO screen with his intense involvement in Succession.

Talking about the Culkin brothers is no longer reduced solely to Macaulay and his complicated personal story, where childhood fame, youthful emancipation, the break with his father, drugs and his recovery fill the headlines. No. Talking about the Culkins is talking about Kieran, now more than ever. Because after baring her talent in the third season of Succession, bathing her character in vulnerability so explicit that it broke all the patterns of those of us who follow this magnificent series, now she does it again causing an emotional earthquake worthy of the Emmy award.

He goes from exuding confidence in front of the mirror, rehearsing his tribute speech with a smug air as if mourning had never touched him, to crumble in front of the most powerful figures when the shock of reality washes over him like a bucket of cold water. She has her father in front of her in the coffin and it’s time to say goodbye, to celebrate as best I can and say goodbye. But she can’t.

Roman Breaks Down in Tears During Eulogy – Succession S4E9

All the pain and denial that the death of a loved one produces and, where appropriate, As influential and manipulative as his father, it rains down on him suddenly and without warning.. And in that moment, Kieran Culkin makes us witnesses to the emotional collapse of a character who was building his castle based on jokes, sharp phrases and abuse of powerblinded between pain and the desire to follow in his father’s footsteps, to then see how her bubble suddenly bursts.

Macaulay Culkin may have been a great international star, but Hollywood never took him into account as a great actor, Which brings us to Kieran Culkin who, after two Emmy Award nominations for Succession (in 2020 and 2022), it is time for him to I win. There’s no reason why he shouldn’t rock the upcoming ceremony after the dancing talent he displayed last season. And the funeral sequence sentences him.

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HBO: Succession furor in audience, Macaulay Culkin trembles