HBO Max is making an Amanda Waller series with Viola Davis

Viola Davis will return to play Amanda Waller. After appearing in Peacemaker, the head of the Suicide Squad will have her series on HBO Max.

As reported Variety in exclusive, Viola Davis is in talks with Warner Bros. Pictures to play a television series amanda waller in hbo max. This project of DC Comics is produced by James Gunndirector of Suicide Squad Y peacemakerthe last two appearances of the female character of the DC Extended Universe. However, the rest of the details remain a mystery. Rumors claim that it will continue exactly at the end of peacemaker.

Amanda Waller, the character of Viola Davis, appeared briefly at the end of peacemaker. The HBO Max series created by James Gunn and starring John Cena narrated the adventures of Chris Smith. However, the repercussion of what happened in the end splashed all corners of the DCEU. In fact, there was even the League of Justice. On the other hand, Amanda Waller will have to respond to the fact that she has been publicly exposed. Her biggest secret has come to light. How will she survive her, then her?

A troubled start, but well saved by the actress

Since he debuted in suicide squad (2016), fans have always praised Viola Davis’ performance and characterization as Amanda Waller. The first film may not have been the best letter of introduction, things as they are. However, the role of the actress did not pose any problems. In fact, along with margot robbie What harley quinnIt was the highlight. Davis delivered a good performance, sensible and reliable. That has only been improving over time and her subsequent appearances, such as in the HBO Max series of peacemaker.

It remains to be seen what kind of story James Gunn will develop with the Amanda Waller series on HBO Max. Everything indicates that it will maintain the same tone and the same comedy as Suicide Squad Y peacemaker. However, it could have a more political point of view, with more espionage and the operation of the intelligence agencies and the state’s coffers. It can be very cool!

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HBO Max is making an Amanda Waller series with Viola Davis