HBO Max Alert: You have only a few days to see this exciting and must-see film with Daniel Day-Lewis

In a few days, an essential film with romance, a trip through Italy and period costumes will leave the streaming platform. Do not miss ‘A room with a view’.

A must see period film, capable of transporting you to another period and another place with great ease to fully immerse yourself in an impossible romance. Complicated relationships, beautiful Italian locations and a cast of great British actors (some doing the best work of their careers) come together in the extraordinary A room with a view.

Teacher James Ivorywho makes these trips to the past with romance like nobody else, as shown until writing the script for call me by your name, gives us a gem in this adaptation that includes Helena Bonham Carter, Julian Sands, Maggie Smith and Daniel Day-Lewis. The film is available at HBO Max for a limited time, because on January 22 he leaves the platform.

Helena plays Lucy Honey Church, a young English woman from a good family who travels to Florence accompanied by her cousin and lady-in-waiting Charlotte Bartlett. At the hotel where they spend their vacations they meet an eccentric man known as Mr. Emerson and his son, George, who offer to give up their rooms with views of the city when they find out that they had reserved rooms like this but they have not been granted.

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This will be the beginning of a series of meetings between Lucy and George, which include trips through the beautiful Italian countryside or visits to the monuments of the center. At first she seems to like each other and that it could work, but alarmed by the situation, Lucy decides to rush back to England, with a suitable candidate as her fiancé. She later she will realize that she is really in love with the young man she met in Italy.

The original novel on which it is based A room with a viewwritten by EM Forster, had been object of desire for adaptation for years by Hollywood studios, but the author did not have much regard for the cinema. It was not until his death that James Ivory was able to approach King’s College, Cambridge, which inherited the rights to the work from him, to make an adaptation.

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At first the interest in this particular work was surprising and not the most popular ticket to india, which would end up filming David Lean. But quickly in the film Ivory’s suitability for the project becomes clear, doing a perfect immersive job with the setting, with the use of location, with the costumes, with the direction of actors. Even the highly literary structure proves suitable for introduce us to this exciting story.

The interesting dispute that the protagonist lives between a passionate summer relationship and the most conservative and boring commitment to the character of Day-Lewis (who is splendid in this secondary role) makes this a captivating film. A whole sensory journey that captivates you from start to finish and leaves you completely satisfied. You have to take advantage of it while it is still available.

You can see A room with a view in HBO Max until January 22. You can also see it in Amazon Prime Video.

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HBO Max Alert: You have only a few days to see this exciting and must-see film with Daniel Day-Lewis