Harry Potter: this annoying detail at Emma Watson in The school of wizards

In Harry Potter at the Sorcerer’s Stone, first adaptation of the novels of JK Rowling, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint play for the first time in a large production, and even in a very short film. And inevitably, when they were children, the interpreters of Ron and Hermione had some hiccups during the filming, in particular the latter. Details.

When the production of first movie Harry Potter started, a whole chapter in the history of cinema opened. The adventures of the little bespectacled wizard have fascinated so many fans around the world that the cast of the Golden Trio had to be perfect. Hundreds of children had passed the auditions before the choice fell on the three actors that we all know.

As it concerns Emma Watsoncasting director Janet Hirshenson told the Huffington Post that the young actress had made a strong impression when she entered the recording room. It appears that the interpreter of Hermione Granger had everything of a real “miss know-it-all”like her character, because she had a little mania who had a knack for annoying the members of the film crew.

Harry Potter : Emma Watson, a real Hermione at heart?

The filming of Harry Potter at the Sorcerer’s Stone was far from calm for the production, in particular because of Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson. If the first had the unfortunate tendency to break movie props like glasses or magic wands, the one who plays Hermione Granger couldn’t help but mumbling lines from her co-starswhich caused many takes to be missed.

But as some fans of the magic saga may have noticed (via Reddit), some of these sockets were not cut during editing and you can see Emma Watson blows Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint lines on the screen. And it’s not the British actress who will tell you the opposite (note, it’s in English)!

On Jimmy Kimmel’s set in 2017, the one who played the young witch revealed thatshe ruined whole scenes. “I couldn’t help it. I loved books so much, I wanted to do well, and as a result, I was doing a little too much. justified Emma Watson. All spitting Hermione!

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Harry Potter: this annoying detail at Emma Watson in The school of wizards