Harry Potter: Richard Harris turned down the role of Dumbledore?

In the 1st Harry Potter, it was Richard Harris who had the chance to play Dumbledore. On the other hand, he refused the role several times!

Only a few weeks ago, the Harry Potter saga celebrated its 20th anniversary. On the occasion of this incredible event, a special reunion episode was filmed to the delight of the fans. Know besides that Richard Harris failed decline the role of Dumbledore !

Richard Harris refused to play Dumbledore three times

Many actors have really marked the Harry Potter saga. This is particularly the case of Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson or Rupert Grint. But others also marked the spirits like Maggie Smith ou encore Richard Harris.

Know besides that Richard Harris almost did not get the role in the movies. As a reminder, he starred in both films of the successful saga. To know Harry Potter at the sorcerer’s stone and Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets.

Sadly, the actor lost his life in 2002 due to Hodgkin’s disease. And this, just a few days after the shooting of the second film. Know besides that he has well almost didn’t play in any opus.

Indeed, in the book “Harry Potter: novels on the screen of Bob McCabe”, David Heyman gave information. In his book published on December 3, he explained that the actor had turned down the role of Dumbledore three times.

David Heyman, whose father was Richard Harris’s agent also confessed: “Richard was my godfather, he even lived with us for a period. For the role of Dumbledore, we wanted a renowned actor who could be both distinguished and mischievous« .

He also explained: “Richard was everything appointed to play the role« . The writers have also had a lot of trouble replacing Richard Harris. It must be said that he was really perfect in this character.

An incredible replacement in Harry Potter

There is a very good reason why Richard Harris finally agreed to star in Harry Potter. He did this for his little girl. He had explained: “I refused the role for a number of reasons« .

Richard Harris (Harry Potter) also underlined: “But my little girl Ellie called me on the phone then. And said to me, ‘Grandpa, if you don’t play Dumbledore, I won’t never talk about my life again‘. So I had no choice! “.

The actor had also revealed that the role had not easy to play. And for good reason : “Dumbledore’s presence runs through all the books even if you don’t see him that much.” It is one of the pillars of the saga ”.

It was Michael Gambon who was lucky enough to replace Richard Harris as Dumbledore when he passed away. The Harry Potter actor has also confided: “Many people have asked me what effect that makes taking over from Richard Harris« .

The Harry Potter comedian also added: “I replied with a comparison with King Lear. Hundreds of actors have played Lear without caring about the approach of their predecessors ”.

Before explaining: ” An actor takes a role and makes it his own, period. (…) I am of Irish origin. And I directly gave that accent to the character. Alfonso liked it “.

Michael Gambon continued: “And so I have persevered in this way. It’s my nod to Richard ”.

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Harry Potter: Richard Harris turned down the role of Dumbledore?