Harry Potter: actor Hugh Grant almost played this famous character!

A famous character from Harry Potter could have had another interpreter. And not least… It’s Hugh Grant!

Harry Potter fans may be surprised. And for good reason, Hugh Grant could have played the role of a very famous character. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

The actors of Harry Potter in the heart of the eyes

No one could miss the Harry Potter phenomenon. And for good reason, the saga has established itself in the four corners of the world. So many viewers and they never missed a beat.

As for the actors, the success was immediate. Indeed, the cast of Harry Potter found itself projected onto the front of the stage. And since then, they have known a crazy notoriety. Yes, just that!

Moreover, Daniel Radcliffe redoubles his creativity to go unnoticed. And for good reason, the latter has to face many paparazzi. He therefore decided to set up a little trick to fool them. Indeed, the star actor of the saga, decided to wear the same outfit for more than a month. Something to surprise his fans then.

For her part, Emma Watson tries to continue to live normally. The Harry Potter actress therefore wanted to continue her studies, get involved in new projects and develop her creativity. But the latter admits all the same to have been disturbed at the end of the saga. Not surprising !

Besides, a completely different actor could have joined the cast of Harry Potter. In effect, Hugh Grant seemed well on his way to playing the role of a famous character. MCE TV tells you more!

Harry Potter: actor Hugh Grant almost played this famous character!

Hugh Grant in the cast of the saga?

Joining the cast of Harry Potter seemed like a dream for many actors. And for good reason, the famous saga enjoys worldwide influence. So getting a role there seems like a real honor.

Moreover, Robert Pattinson would have redoubled efforts to achieve this. It must be said that his role was very coveted. Indeed, Henry Cavill seemed really up for the idea of ​​​​integrating the family of Harry Potter. Not surprising !

For his part, Hugh Grant was off to a good start. And for good reason, the latter had been selected for play the role of Gilderoy Lockhart. As a reminder, the latter appears in number 2 of the saga. This is the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. In addition, it sells itself as the winner of the most charming smile elected by Sorcière-Hebdo. In short, his character really cannot go unnoticed.

But why did Hugh Grant finally not join Harry Potter? In reality, the actor simply preferred to play in another film that was offered to him. It is love without notice. So he ended up headlining with Sandra Bullock.

For his part, Chris Colombus, at the time director of Harry Potter, never recognized this possibility. And yet, the agent of the star confirms this info. Something to surprise viewers.

One thing is certain, Harry Potter has not finished surprising his fans. As the saga came to an end, the magic still seems to be there. Viewers just have to be ready. To be continued.

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Harry Potter: actor Hugh Grant almost played this famous character!