Harrison Ford: Indiana Jones, Star Wars… here is the list of his 10 best films

Harrison Ford has just celebrated his 80th birthday, and is preparing to put on the costume of Indiana Jones in the 5th installment of the franchise next summer. While waiting to see him wield the whip again on screen, here is the ranking of the 10 best films of his career.

The Mosquito Coast (1986)

Directed in 1986 by Peter Weir, “The Mosquito Coast” was a commercial failure when it was released before being rehabilitated years later by critics (an adaptation in series available on Apple TV+ with Justin Theroux in the lead role was born). Harrison Ford embodies the role of Allie Fox, a genius inventor who decides to drop everything to take his family to the depths of the jungle, in Central America, where he intends to escape the consumerist world to build the utopian society of which he always dreamed of. But the adventure turns into a nightmare when Allie refuses to recognize her failure, and turns into a despot for her family and those around them.

It’s not often that the actor plays the villain of the story, and this character proves to be particularly detestable as the film progresses. Harrison Ford gives the reply to Helen Mirren, but also to the late River Phoenix, whom he will find three years later on the set of “Indiana Jones and the last crusade”, where the young actor will play the famous archaeologist during his childhood. .

American Graffiti (1973)

Before becoming a demi-god in Hollywood, George Lucas had been noticed with “American Graffiti”, a film on the youth of the 1960s in which he will offer a role to Harrison Ford… who was working on a construction site at the home of the director. It is on this occasion that the latter will offer him to play Bob Falfa, an arrogant and charismatic young man who does not have his tongue in his close. Perhaps this is when George Lucas visualized Harrison Ford piloting the Millennium Falcon.

Air Force One (1997)

The script is absolutely agreed. No originality, of course. But Harrison Ford shines as President Marshall on ‘Air Force One,’ a Vietnam War veteran who finds himself using his soldier training to take down Kazakh terrorists who have come to hijack the man’s plane. at the head of the most powerful democracy in the world. His face-to-face with Gary Oldman, absolutely perfect in the role of the villain, is worth the detour (-ment).

Presumed Innocent (1990)

One of Harrison Ford’s most complex film roles. In “Presumed Innocent”, he plays a prosecutor named Rusty Sabich who will find himself accused of the murder of a colleague with whom he had an affair. An adultery that his wife seems to discover at the time of the affair. Is he really the culprit? That’s the question at the heart of this perfectly directed film from director Alan J. Pakula, who deftly manages to maintain the suspense until the final reveal leaves viewers speechless. An excellent film in which the actor is simply brilliant.

Immediate Danger (1994)

Second part of the adaptation of the adventures of Jack Ryan on the big screen, Harrison Ford is even more convincing in the skin of the hero of Tom Clancy’s novels after “War Games”, released two years earlier. This time, he finds himself embroiled in a vast operation involving the President of the United States and a powerful Colombian cartel led by Ernesto Escobedo. While the president is trying to solve this affair by force using illicit means, Jack Ryan, who has meanwhile become deputy director of intelligence for the CIA, will try to avoid a bloodbath by relying on international law. A race against the clock then begins against all-powerful adversaries. Nothing to scare this man of justice.

Witness (1985)

A year before “Mosquito Coast”, director Peter Weir shot “Witness” with Harrison Ford, which remains – even today – the film that will earn the actor his only Oscar nomination for the prize for best actor. He plays the policeman John Book, responsible for investigating a murder whose only witness is a boy from the Amish community. Wounded, he joins their land to protect the boy and his mother, while discovering the particular way of life of this community which refuses modernity. A real success.

The Fugitive (1993)

Harrison Ford at the top of his game. Adapted from a 1960s television series, “The Fugitive” sees the comedian play Doctor Richard Kimble, a man wrongfully accused of murdering his wife. When the opportunity arises, he decides to flee with only one mission in mind: to identify the real culprits. To do so, he must escape the manhunt orchestrated by US Marshal Samuel Gerard – perfectly played by Tommy Lee Jones – who is ready to do anything to get his hands on him.

Blade Runner (1982)

Already essential with “Star Wars”, Harrison Ford participates in a science fiction film of another genre with “Blade Runner”, the adaptation of a famous short story by Philip K. Dick by Ridley Scott. The actor embodies the role of Rick Deckard, a detective who comes out of retirement to conduct a final investigation in a futuristic Los Angeles where androids nicknamed Replicants live. Among them is a group led by Roy Batty, who has just slaughtered the crew and passengers of a spaceship.

As the years go by, “Blade Runner” — which released a sequel in 2017 starring Ryan Gosling — has only gotten better with age. Especially after the release of the final version of Ridley Scott. Harrison Ford delivers one of his best performances on the screen, and definitively imposes himself, at this time, as a key actor in Hollywood.

Star Wars: A New Hope (1977)

Han Solo will forever be one of the favorite characters in the entire Star Wars franchise. And the performance of Harrison Ford in the guise of this anti-hero who, with his murderous lines and his strong character, offers the perfect counterpoint to the character of Luke Skywalker. He also has the merit of piloting the coolest spaceship in the entire cinematic galaxy, the Millennium Falcon, alongside his faithful friend, Chewbacca.

Each of the actor’s appearances as Han Solo is an indescribable joy. We will remember here the first part, his first appearance, as the key moment in the career of Harrison Ford in the guise of this cult character.

Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981)

Not easy to make a choice for the first two places. But it is finally – after hours of debate in the brain of the author of these lines – Indiana Jones who settles on the first step of the podium. And the choice of Raiders of the Lost Ark, the first part released in 1981, is also a decision in full conscience. This film serves as an introduction to the character of Professor Henry Jones, and from the first scenes, we discover this archaeologist braving the dangers of a Peruvian temple full of traps to seize a golden statuette which he is trying to replace. by a common sandbag. Damn but what a genius!

Come to think of it, it is the first minutes of this film that will set the tone for the entire cinematic saga. The action scenes, the lines, this seemingly vulnerable hero, his intellectual vivacity, his unique humor, etc. Indiana Jones remains the most essential character of Harrison Ford’s career. And you can be sure that the fifth opus, to discover at the cinema next summer (on June 28, 2023 exactly), will be a cultural event that you will not stop hearing about.

According to a recent interview with Chris Pratt, who was once considered the potential replacement for the actor in the shoes of the famous archaeologist, Harrison Ford himself has a visceral connection with this character that he intends to take with him in his falls. “All I know is that I read an interview with Harrison Ford and that was enough to scare me. He said, ‘When I die, Indiana Jones dies.’ So I wondered if he would come to haunt me if I ever took over the role,” he said in the podcast. Happy Sad Confused.

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Harrison Ford: Indiana Jones, Star Wars… here is the list of his 10 best films