Harley-Davidson LiveWire One made official: the same as before, but (much) cheaper

Harley-Davidson has officially presented its new electric motorcycle, the LiveWire One. This model takes much of the technical sheet of its predecessor, but sees its price drop by $ 8,000.

Harley-Davidson LiveWire One

Source : Harley-Davidson

The LiveWire One was slowly but surely starting to take shape. Here it is now official through a press release issued by Harley-Davidson. As you can see, the design of this new electric motorcycle does not really change from the previous generation.

Moreover, the technical sheet either: its range of 235 kilometers in the city is roughly identical to the 225 km announced for the first LiveWire of the name. On expressways, this range should drop to about 142 kilometers. It would therefore seem that the battery with a capacity of 15.5 kWh is once again in order.

Probably similar power

The LiveWire One takes advantage of fast DC charging that allows it to soar from 0 to 100% in an hour, or from 0 to 80% in 45 minutes. No technical details were given about the engine. But according to Electrek, it would be the same block of 78 kWh (105 hp) already seen on the old version.

If so, the bike should be able to shoot down from 0 to 100 km / h in 3 seconds, for a top speed of 177 km / h. Or, once again, the same figures as on the first model.

The big change actually occurs at the price level: when the LiveWire was marketed for $ 29,799 in 2019 – € 33,900 in France – this LiveWire One drops to $ 21,999. A hell of a price reduction. In our regions, the motorcycle should be around 25,000 euros.

A disrupted sales process

Harley-Davidson is also disrupting its marketing process: orders will first be made online – and not in physical locations – in California, Texas and New York, on LiveWire.com and at twelve handpicked dealers. The American group is targeting a younger clientele here by deserting the stores at the official launch.

First sold in the USA, the LiveWire One will make its international debut in 2022. Electrek, several new color choices will be available to order. The price in France is not yet known.

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