Happy birthday Tom Hanks! The 6 best movies of him and where to see them


We review the best movies of Tom Hanks, who turns 67 today. His long career has several unforgettable successes.

Tom Hanks has earned a special place in the heart of Hollywood. He is not only a loved and admired actor, but he has a high capacity for play all kinds of characters within various film genres. The world loves him and he seems to reciprocate by giving brilliant performances. Deservedly, we recount the best Tom Hanks movies throughout his career.

toy story (1994-2019)

Where to watch them: Disney+

Hanks’ role as the heroic cowboy doll Woody in Toy Story is the best voice-over work of his career. This Pixar classic has endured through generations thanks to its sincerity, fun, and ability to spark nostalgia.

Philadelphia (1993)

Where to watch: HBOMax

This production shed light on the despicable homophobia that permeated the United States during the 1980s and 1990s. Hanks plays Andrew Beckett, a gay man with AIDS who fights in court after being fired from his job. The tape marked a before and after not only in the actor’s career but also in the issues that Hollywood began to deal with.

Cast Away (2000)

Where to watch: Prime Video (for rent)

Hanks’ role as castaway Chuck Noland remains one of the greatest performances of all time. For most of the movie, Hanks hangs out with a volleyball player named Wilson, who becomes his only friend. The tape shows us the struggle of a man to get ahead in the solitude of an island. Unforgettable.

Saving Private Ryan (1998)

Where to watch: Netflix

This film is famous for its intense opening sequence, one of the best ever made in the war genre. The story places us in Normandy, where a group of American soldiers cross enemy lines to search for a paratrooper whose brothers have died in battle. Hanks is masterful in his role as Captain John H. Miller.

Forrest Gump (1994)

Where to watch: Claro Video

Forrest Gump teaches us a character whose mettle and decency are above his clumsiness and apparent inability to function in the world. This is the typical tape where the love we feel for the protagonist is constantly increasing until in the end he becomes the object of our admiration. Hanks won his second Oscar for this role in 1994.

Green Mile (1999)

Where to watch: Prime Video

Hanks plays a prison guard who tries to help inmate John Coffey (played by the late Michael Clarke Duncan) during his jail term. Coffey is a special being, since he has a gift: he can make people stop suffering by absorbing their pain or illness himself. Fans continue to enjoy this moving and fantastic story based on a Stephen King novel.

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Happy birthday Tom Hanks! The 6 best movies of him and where to see them