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Jamie Lee Curtis is today an icon of horror and comedy cinema. Heir to two great Hollywood stars, Tony Curtis (One Eve and Two Adams – 96%) and Janet Leigh (Psycho – 37%), Jamie has managed to carve out her own career as one of the most beloved actresses since the 1980s. However, despite coming from a family of actors, she did not plan to follow in those footsteps, in fact, she wanted to be a police officer or a social worker.

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But it was his time at Halloween – Loki new TV spot drives fans crazy Tomatazos92%, by John Carpenter, which put her on the path to where she is now. After more than forty years playing Laurie Strode in the franchise, the True Lies star – 72% say goodbye to his character through Halloween: The Final Night of David Gordon Green, and as part of it he made a small tour that closed last Tuesday in Mexico City accompanied by his fans.

During this talk with her followers, moderated by Óscar Uriel, the actress talked about her career and recalled how she came to the world of acting almost by accident. She talked about her first role in a television series where she appeared only once a week, the first casting she attended and where she did not keep the role, and how was she the first meeting of she with Halloween.

before bumping into John Carpenter, Curtis remembers being part of a television series where eleven actors were fired, including her and John Astin, which made her think that her acting career was over. However, weeks later she was offered to do a casting for Halloweena moment that he says changed his life completely.

One of Jamie’s fondest memories of Carpenter is that after the first day of shooting she received a call from the director – something that could be a bad sign for anyone – who just wanted to congratulate her on the job she had done in ensuring that she had a great future ahead. Regarding the character of Laurie Strode, he said that, although it is the basis of the concept of the “final girl” in horror films, it also lays certain foundations of feminism as it is a woman who fights to stay alive and overcome the villain. . Therefore, she emphasized that all women at some point have been Laurie.

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We have all been Laurie Strode at some point in our lives. We are a “final girl”. […] Women have been fighting for their lives since the beginning of time, since men have existed. All women in all kinds of circumstances have fought for their right to exist because the universe is against them.

She also recalled that, despite the good reception of the films, they all began to grow from it, but for her it was not that easy and her participation was reduced to small roles in shows like Charlie’s Angelsuntil Carpenter and Debra Hill wrote a character especially for her in The Fog, where she shared a scene with her mother Janet Leigh. From then on, her career began to grow, but because she did not want to be pigeonholed in horror movies, she gave herself the opportunity to explore new paths.

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It was thanks to a documentary project called coming soon where she was invited as a presenter, who met John Landis. Despite being a project dedicated to the same genre, it was then that she was presented with the opportunity to act in De Mendigo a Millonario- Loki new TV spot drives fans crazy Tomatazos86% next to Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd, for which he considers Landis the second subject (after Carpenter) who was significant for the future of his acting career.

Finally, Curtis said she is proud of the way Laurie has managed to evolve throughout all these years despite the pain she has faced, and when asked about her character’s relationship with the fearsome Michael Myers, she assured that she would not it is a relationship per se because he offers nothing “but headaches and injuries”, but the character of Laurie shows the struggle of a woman to face the dangers to get ahead and now protect her own.

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Halloween: The Final Night | Jamie Lee Curtis: “We’ve all been Laurie Strode at some point” | tomatoes