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Almost twenty years after hanging up the James Bond costume, the Irish actor has lost none of his natural elegance and devastating humor. He proves it once again with BRAQUAGE EN OR, a heist film directed by Renny Harlin, an action blockbuster specialist.

Redistribution of wealth

Richard Pace (Pierce Brosnan) makes it clear from the outset, he only travels in first. And if he can afford to have luxury tastes, it is because his passion consists in stealing the rarest watches possible. Not only is he one of the best thieves on the planet, he’s also considered a true escape king. Two rare qualities which attract the attention of the “Misfits”, a group of thieves who do not have quite the same values, since its members have for principle to take from the rich crooks to return their due to the unfortunate people they. scam. Even though they’re all experts in their fields – Wick (Mike d’Angelo) is an explosives pro, for example, and Violet (Jamie Chung) a martial arts expert – their next heist will require Pace’s help, because it is about finding a way to rob an ultra-secure prison in the Middle East, to prevent the mountain of gold it contains from financing terrorism.

Unfortunately for the Misfits, Richard Pace is not the type to redistribute the money he steals, especially for such a difficult and risky heist. But the intervention of his daughter Hope (Hermione Corfield) – herself not one-armed when it comes to swindling – could perhaps change his mind for very personal reasons. But it will also be necessary to count on an agent of the FBI launched in the pursuit of Pace for a while, and embodied by the other star of the casting: Tim Roth. All these pretty little people are having a blast, because BRAQUAGE EN OR is nothing more than a good heist film that does not take itself seriously and whose mixture of humor and action ( with force shining bolides) is reminiscent of a cross between the glamorous valves of the heists of the OCEAN’S trilogy (Steven Soderbergh, 2001-2007), and the pursuits of FAST AND FURIOUS which have made Hollywood happy for twenty years.

Pierce Brosnan, the burglar gentleman

For his role in BRAQUAGE EN OR, the Irish actor was not disoriented, since remember that for more than fifteen years and the space of four films, a character inseparable from tuxedos, luxury watches, cars sportswear, bikini models and high-security prisons run by shady men in distant sunny destinations: James Bond. But the secret agent costume isn’t the only one Pierce Brosnan is used to. Because before playing the main role of Renny Harlin’s film, he had already played at least three times the role of the “gentleman burglar” immortalized in a piece sung by Jacques Dutronc.

In 1999, he succeeded the Steve McQueen monument by playing the billionaire thief of a precious New York Met painting in THOMAS CROWN (John McTiernan), a remake of the film released in 1968 by Norman Jewison. A few years later, when bidding farewell to 007, Pierce Brosnan was featured in COUP D’ECLAT (Brett Ratner, 2005), where he took on the role of a famous diamond thief who was frolicking in the Bahamas. with Salma Hayek trying to escape an FBI agent played by Woody Harrelson. Finally, it is yet another diamond that Pierce Brosnan covets in Paris in DUO D’ESCROCS (Joel Hopkins, 2014), in which he tries this time to steal the precious stone in the company of his ex-wife, played by Emma Thompson. At almost 70 years old, Pierce Brosnan remains the thief – even quite simply the classiest man – in the world, and he proves it again with BRAQUAGE EN OR.

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GOLDEN HOLD: Pierce Brosnan, the classiest thief in the world | myCANAL