Going on vacation, even if it costs more

The line that people have done to renew their passport, tell yourself that this line, today, it is in front of the travel agenciessays the senior advisor at Voyages Plein Soleil, Jocelyne Pronovost.

The one who has worked for the agency in Quebec for 10 years says she is overwhelmed these days, when the fall is usually a quieter period for travel agents.

Jocelyne Pronovost says she spends long hours waiting on the phone before receiving answers from travel suppliers.

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This pressing desire to travel, despite a price increase of 10% to 15%, according to travel agents, is revenge or catch-up tourism.

People haven’t traveled since 2020 and some are looking forward to their trip. The restrictions are now lifted and people have been hoarding their money for two years. This is what we observe: the revenge travelexplains the spokesperson at AAC-Quebec, David Marcille.

A rise in prices explained by demand

According to the president of the Association of Travel Agents of Quebec, Moscow Côté, it is practically a return to normal that is currently taking place. Passenger capacities are similar to 2019, he says.

Supply is therefore stable. Rather, it is high demand that is inflating travel prices at the present time.

David Marcille adds that labor shortages and rising fuel prices are also contributing to these increases.

White pasta with tomato sauce all week

However, the increase in travel prices is not synonymous with the quality of services. Travelers have experienced this recently.

We received testimonials from people who have been to Cuba and in terms of food varieties, it was not as usual. Cuba has supply difficulties, particularly due to the conflict in Ukraineexplains David Marcille.

These difficulties affect more low-end hotels, according to Moscow Side, which suggests travelers choose hotels of 4 stars and more, from now on.

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Mexico, Cuba and the Dominican Republic welcome 80% of Quebec travelers in winter, according to the Association of Quebec Travel Agents.

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It is for this reason that he recommends that travelers take the time to speak to an advisor, holder of a permit issued by the Office de la protection du consommateur, to find out what has changed and what to expecthe adds.

The choice of travel dates could also help Quebecers save money, advise agents.

For Jocelyne Pronovost, the revival of the tourism industry is well underway, but not complete. So she takes nothing for granted.

In the event of a recession, people will dip into their travel budget because it is not essentialshe argues.

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Going on vacation, even if it costs more