Gillian Anderson without artifice: the actress drops the makeup and shines

On Instagram, Gillian Anderson has just published a selfie on which she appears without makeup. Totally natural, the actress totally charms her loyal subscribers who salute her beauty…

The more time passes, the more Gillian Anderson appears radiant. Indeed, thehe actress born on August 9, 1968 seems to be getting younger despite the passing years. On social networks, she frequently publishes photos of her in her daily life and in one of her latest posts, lthe main interested party broadcast a splendid selfie to its 2.5 million subscribers. In this image, it appears completely natural, without any artifice. She is smiling, with her hair carelessly tied back.

In one of his latest posts on the Instagram photo and video sharing social network, Gillian Anderson shows himself on the canvas without makeup on his face. At a time when retouching and filters are ubiquitous on this kind of platform, the American actress enchants her loyal followers by revealing herself in this way. All are unanimous in the comments: Gillian Anderson is magnificent! Posted a few days ago, the photo has already collected over 80,000 likes.

Gillian Anderson reveals herself naturally, without any make-up, in one of her Instagram posts

If she shows up without make-up on Instagram, Gillian Anderson has always been a camouflage professional through her profession as an actress. For years, she slipped into the skin of Dana Scully in X Files, then joined Sex Education on Netflix or even the thriller The Fall. Proactive, we also saw her again in the role of Margaret Thatcher in The Crown and very recently in The First Lady, with Michelle Pfeiffer and Viola Davis. A real chameleon!

Gillian Anderson without artifice: the actress drops the makeup and shines