Gillian Anderson will join Kurt Sutter’s Netflix series, “The Abandons.”

Gillian Anderson, recognized for her participation in series such as “The Crown” and “Sex Education”, has been selected as the protagonist of “The Abandons”, a new drama and action series produced by Netflix. This production, created by Kurt Sutter, known for his work on “Mayans MC” and “Sons of Anarchy”, is set in the West and follows the story of several marginal families in their search for Manifest Destiny in Oregon during the decade from 1850.

Anderson’s role in the series will be that of Constance, the matriarch of the Van Ness family, who own a large mining fortune inherited from her late husband. Despite the prejudice and discrimination towards women at the time, Constance has managed to multiply her wealth thanks to her charm and ruthless determination. Additionally, she has established a network of political allies who help maintain her power and ascendancy.

Lena Headey, famous for her role in “Game of Thrones,” will also join the cast of “The Abandons.” The series follows the confrontation of these marginal families with a corrupt force of wealth and power that covets their land and seeks to drive them out. These souls abandoned by society unite in tribes to form a family and fight against this injustice. In this process, “justice” becomes blurred and extends beyond the limits of the law.

The plot of “The Abandons” will explore the fine line between survival and the law, as well as the consequences of violence and the corrosive power of secrets. This family will fight to keep their land and will face chilling challenges along the way.

The series has been created and will be showrunner by Kurt Sutter, who will also serve as executive producer. Additionally, Emmy Grinwis will serve as executive producer alongside directors Stephen Surjik and Otto Bathurst.

Gillian Anderson has recently had a successful screen career, playing Eleanor Roosevelt in Showtime’s “The First Lady” and Vivienne Beaumier in the film “White Bird”. She also received praise for her portrayal of Margaret Thatcher in Netflix’s “The Crown.” However, she is best known for her iconic role as Dana Scully on “The X-Files,” for which she has won numerous Emmy, Golden Globe, and SAG Awards.

Up next, we can see Gillian Anderson in the role of Emily Maitlis in “Scoop”, a Netflix film based on the television interview that journalist Emily Maitlis conducted with Prince Andrew in 2019. In this dramatic recreation, Anderson will share the screen with Rufus Sewell .

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Gillian Anderson will join Kurt Sutter’s Netflix series, “The Abandons.”