Ghostbusters Dan Aykroyd Says Paul Rudd Is The Next Bill Murray

The original Ghostbusters Dan Aykroyd believes the star of Ant-Man , Paul Rudd, has what it takes to succeed actor and comedian Bill Murray as the quintessential comic lead for the new generation of fans of the Ghostbusters that will be introduced to the franchise through Ghostbusters: Afterlife.

In a clip of The Tonight Show Posted on YouTube, Aykroyd sat down with Murray and his other surviving co-star, Ernie Hudson, to discuss their roles in the long-awaited rerun of The Ghostbusters . Sharing his views on the new leads, Aykroyd singled out Rudd as “a master of comedy.” He went on to compare the comic energy of the Marvel actor to that of Murray, stating that he has the potential to be “the main comedian, you know, the main man of his generation.” Aykroyd closed his thoughts on the actor by suggesting, “Paul is going to take that torch, I think.”

Aykroyd was also complimentary of the film’s young talents, citing McKenna Grace as “a spectacular actress, and she’s basically going to be our new CEO.” He was quick to point out that the film’s main characters will be joined by “some great new creatures” providing “great new fun.” The former Ghostbusters even sneered: “The Ecto[plasma] he’s doing things you’ve never seen him do before. “A Despite this focus on updating theuniverse of the GhostbustersFor a modern audience, the new iteration continues to use practical effects, much to the delight of the younger cast.

Afterlife represents a new direction for the film series of The Ghostbusters , effectively ignoring the 2016 reboot and serving instead as a direct continuation of The Ghostbusters (1984) and The Ghostbusters II (1989). Although his film makes a clean narrative break from the previous installment, director Jason Reitman believes that Afterlife builds on the positive female portrayal introduced in Ghostbusters (2016), arguing that “the remake demonstrated, at least to me, the idea that Ghostbusters could be anyone.”

Unlike his appearances in the reboot, in Afterlife Aykroyd, Murray and Hudson reprise their respective roles as Ray Stantz, Peter Venkman and Winston Zeddemore for the first time in more than a decade, having lent their voices and looks to Ghostbusters: The Video Game. Harold Ramis, who played the fourth member of the opening quartet of the Ghostbusters, Egon Spengler, also returned for the game, but passed away before the live-action relaunch occurred, leaving his co-stars the task of upholding the Ghostbusters legacy by passing the mantle on to a new generation. Despite Spengler’s physical absence in Afterlife, Reitman believes that Harold Ramis is the heart of the film.

The Ghostbusters: Afterlife opens in theaters on November 19.

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Ghostbusters Dan Aykroyd Says Paul Rudd Is The Next Bill Murray