George Clooney in pajamas: wear the classic blue striped style with style

  • In the latest Nespresso ad, George Clooney wears blue-striped white shirt and pants pajamas, the most classic and elegant way to jump out of bed

  • Eight years after their first on-screen meeting, George Clooney and Jean Dujardin reunite in the latest sequel to the famous coffee brand’s commercial.

  • The actor couple is joined by another actress, Camille Cottin, a friend of Jean Dujardin, a well-known couple in France since they filmed the blockbuster ‘Call My Agent!’

‘What else?’. The question, uttered by a seductive George Clooney, has led consumers in recent years to the Nespresso universe. And now, What more could you want? A lot more.

George Clooney in pajamas

Unlike the other ads, in which the North American actor appears with a impeccable styling in blazer and dark shirts; now we see a domestic George Clooney, with a classic pajamasprobably from cotton or poplin, white background and blue stripes. Comfortable, cool in summer, warm in winter and breathable (advantages of natural fibers, such as cotton).

Clooney appears in pajamas with another classic accessory: the robe to be at home. Navy blue, perhaps plush, resembling a bathrobe, or velvety to the touch -the images do not allow more specifics-, he composes the best version of a George Clooney handsome with his gray hair and neat beard.

Hollywood and French cinema

The ad is also a change from previous campaigns. Eight years after he first met on screen, in ‘The Monuments Men’, George Clooney Y jean dugardin reunite in the latest sequel to the brand’s TV ad, which isn’t actually an ad at all but an action comedy short titled ‘How far would you go for Nespresso?’

On this occasion, the actor couple is joined by another actressfriend of jean dugardin on the screen, camille cottina well-known couple in France since they filmed the blockbuster ‘Call My Agent!’. The superstars come together to prove that the taste of coffee is so exceptional that they would anything to have itHence the question: How far would you go for the unforgettable taste of a Nespresso coffee?

In the background, Paris

The new campaign, which will be released on November 15 in more than 20 European countriesis an evolution of the original 2014 ad. This time, we see George Clooney, in a spectacular apartment located in Paris, offering Jean Dujardin a Nespresso coffee, but only one capsule remains. Suddenly, the viewer is immersed in a action comedy in which Clooney tries to get the last capsule of Jean Dujardin, a capsule that seems have own life and reaches the window of Camille Cottin’s house.

In a plot twist, Camille Cottin must retrieve your coffee Freshly brewed Nespresso, stolen by George Clooney in a hilarious scene. Will these superstars’ friendship break over coffee?

George Clooney: “Like being with family”

“We had fun shooting this sequelmeet again with Jean It’s always a pleasure, but also having the brilliant Camille, bringing her touch of sophistication meant having the perfect dynamic on the recording set. Since the taste of coffee and sustainability are at the center of this ad, it seemed natural to me to be part of this campaign with my Nespresso family,” said George Clooney regarding the brand’s new campaign, in which he has been collaborating for eight years.

For Jean Dujardin: “It was great to reunite with George on the set and continue our friendly rivalry on screen, but this time having the wonderful Camille to keep us in line. The shoot was energetic, with plenty of comedic moments, both on and off set. the screen”.

On his debut at Nespresso, camille cottin she was grateful to join a world famous campaign. “It has been a great honor join the great George Clooney and Jean Dujardin as part of this iconic Nespresso advertisement, above all, because I bring out the best of them in this spot, while reminding people to put their grain of sand for the planet”stated the actress in relation to sustainability and recycling, two values ​​inherent to the philosophy of this coffee brand.

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George Clooney in pajamas: wear the classic blue striped style with style