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George Clooney jokingly says his version of Batman and Robin is the best in a fun new video. Clooney played Batman/Bruce Wayne in director Joel Schumacher’s 1997 sequel, succeeding Val Kilmer, who played the character in the previous entry, Batman Forever. Michael Keaton was the first live-action feature Batman, who retired from the franchise following the return of Tim Burton’s Batman, although he is set to reappear as a character in The Flash. next year with Ezra Miller.

Clooney took on the role just as his career was heating up in Hollywood, transitioning from his TV role on the hit series ER to the movies with roles in Robert Rodriguez’s From Dusk Till Dawn and the romantic comedy One Fine Day with Michelle Pfeiffer. Unfortunately, Batman and Robin weren’t the slam dunk Clooney (and WB) had hoped for, which ironically put the franchise on ice for eight years before it was reimagined by Christopher Nolan with Batman Begins, which set starring Christian Bale as the Caped Crusader. Since then, there have been two more actors to don the cowl on the big screen: Ben Affleck and Robert Pattinson.

In a fun new video, posted by THR’s Chris Gardner, Clooney gives a talk at an open house at Roybal Film & TV Magnet, where he addresses the crowd and throws in the Batman reference. “When you think of me, you think, ‘He’s just the best Batman ever,'” Clooney joked to the crowd, prompting laughs and comments. Actor Don Cheadle was in attendance, who fired back with “the best Batman available”. “, which caused Clooney to joke about his status as the best dark knight. When Affleck is mentioned, Clooney says, “Ben Affleck? Oh good? No, he has nothing against me. Watch the full exchange below:

Clooney has said in the past that Batman and Robin was “a pretty awful movie” and cited looping dialogue as one of the main reasons why. Clooney said the loop “sucked the life out of the movie.” While not a complete flop, Batman and Robin were the franchise’s highest grossing at the time and caused everyone involved to walk away, with Clooney never returning to portray the character again. He found his place differently as an actor, producer and director, winning an Oscar in 2005 for his performance in Syriana, and again for his work as a producer on Argo in 2012. He would then appear in the romantic comedy Ticket to Paradise with Julia Roberts.

Many have come to appreciate Batman and Robin for its flaws, making it a future contender for cult classic status. The late Schumacher apologized for the movie, but he didn’t need to because he was just following the formula that worked so well in Batman Forever. The film’s cheesy and goofy aspects make it a perfect modern adaptation of the ’60s TV show, which was always a tongue-in-cheek take on Batman during its short run. When it comes to who is the best Batman, Keaton keeps repeating his “I am Batman” mantra, while Affleck can’t seem to stay out of the cowl despite publicly declaring he’s done with it. the role several times. Pattinson will appear again in a sequel to The Batman, but Clooney’s version is surely gone for good, which is a relief to everyone, including the star himself.

Source: Chris Gardner

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George Clooney declares himself the best Batman in a funny video | Pretty Reel