Geena Davis wants to be in Beetlejuice 2!

Geena Davis, who played Barbara Maitland in 1988’s Beetlejuice, says she would be open to returning for a sequel to the iconic film.

Within the classics of halloweendefinitely beetlejuice by Tim Burton is one of the most beloved titles of the public. Well, the film released in 1988 would present one of the most iconic characters of the horror genre, in addition to a visual proposal which back then was equaled only to the visions of artists like Jim Henson.

The impact of Beetlejuice has been such that it has been referenced in different tapes and series in addition to having an animated series and his own musical on Broadwayso earlier this year it was confirmed that after 34 years, Tim Burton would make a sequel.

So far the movie still in development stage -although it had been contemplated to start shooting at the end of this year-, and it has been confirmed that both Michael Keaton as Winona Ryder they will return in their respective papers.

Now, during an interview with People, the actress Geena Davis who at the time gave life—and death?—to Barbara Maitland, commented that he “I would love to go back to the world of Beetlejuice.”

“I want to play again all the characters I’ve done” added the actress, assuring that she is open to a reboot of Beetlejuice or to participate in the sequel, although he admits not knowing how his character and that of Alec Baldwin would return.

“I have the feeling that ghosts don’t age, I don’t know how we would explain that they are older”, finished the actress, who in this year’s Emmy edition received the highest recognition Governors Award for his work in the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media.

Beetlejuice, beetlejuice, beet—….

Until now, the film has been reconstructing his script into Plan Bthe producer of Brad Pitt, which according to IMDb the work is carried out by Seth Grahame-Smith, Dave Katzenberg, and Mike Vukadinovich. However, it is not yet confirmed that the script is officially finished.

Previously Michael Keaton had claimed that Beetlejuice he is the only character in his career that he would really like to play again; while Winona Ryder since 2012 he has said on several occasions that “Would love to know where Lydia Deetz is after all these years.”

At the moment there is no more news regarding the progress of the sequel, but from the words of Geena Davis we can assume that the actress has not yet been hired to participate in the sequel.


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Geena Davis wants to be in Beetlejuice 2!