Game of Thrones: Miraculous, Emilia Clarke talks about her aneurysms during the series

After confiding in 2019, Emilia Clarke returns to her two aneurysms that occurred during the filming of Game of Thrones. The actress is a miracle.

Aneurysms that occurred during filming – Credit: HBO

As an artist, fame and fame have their upsides. But this celebrity does not protect against evils, whether physical or psychological. Kit Harington shared it with us recently when talking about his psychological distress on the set of Game of Thrones. And today, Emilia Clarke decides to come back to her two aneurysms that occurred while the series, including the spin-off House of the Dragon unveils a trailer, was unfolding. Confidences made in the Sunday Morning program of BBC One.

Miraculous and without sequelae, Emilia Clarke considers herself lucky

In an article written for the New Yorker in 2019, Emilia Clarke, eternal Daerenys of Game Of Thrones, opened on his two aneurysms which occurred during the filming of the series. The first did not require invasive surgery but the second was more serious with an operation. The actress experienced terrible pain in addition to temporary memory loss during these periods.

Invited on the set of Sunday Morning of BBC One, Emilia Clarke speaks of a problem more serious than in appearance. Because in addition to the luck of having survived it, the fact of having been able to continue to live and work without sequelae is a miracle.

The part of my brain that is no longer usable. It is remarkable that I am able to speak, sometimes articulately, to live my life normally without any repercussions. I am one of the very, very, very small minority of people who survive this.

Emilia Clarke

Since this incident, Emilia Clark has run her own association.

The SameYou association to help survivors

Valyrian language expert Emilia Clarke (Daenerys)
SameYou, an association of Emilia Clarke – Credit: HBO

Emilia Clarke runs her own charity, SameYou, since his two aneurysms. The goal is to help improve recovery treatments for brain injury and stroke survivors. Since the broadcast of season 8 of Game Of Thronesa fundraiser was started by fans with pover $25,000 raised.

Proof that despite the cold reception of this last season, the community knows how to share things while remaining faithful to Emilia Clarke. A strong bond was woven between them and the actress, a true survivor.

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Game of Thrones: Miraculous, Emilia Clarke talks about her aneurysms during the series