Gambit: Channing Tatum Confirms His X-Men Movie Is Surely Dead

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Channing Tatum strongly feared that the X-Men movie Gambitin which he was to play the main character, never saw the light of day.

The absorption of Fox by Disney and the recovery of the rights to Marvel series previously held by Netflix should logically benefit the MCU. However, the messed up return of Daredevil in she hulk and Mike Colter’s recent outing regarding the future of Luke Cage did not necessarily reassure the fans. Also, what will become of some developed characters and projects once envisioned by Fox?

Whether Deadpool 3 is planned for 2024 and that Fantastic Four should take off for the cosmos in 2025, it is not yet known when them X-Men will arrive in the MCU. But for Channing Tatum, one thing is almost certain, his film linked to the famous mutants and devoted to Gambit should never see the light of day.

Gambit: PictureDisney and Kevin Feige reshuffled the cards

Indeed, the actor spoke on the subject during an interview with Vanity Fair :

“The project was swallowed by Disney through Marvel when they bought Fox and after the fact I think the tone we envisioned for the film was very different from their own vision. They may be waiting to see how they will make this film, with or without us. We call out once in a while, but we have to spiritually, emotionally, and mentally let go. »

With this declaration, the actor seems to definitively endorse the hopes of the fans who saw him embody the famous Cajun thief, immortalized during the 90s via the pen of Chris Claremont and the drawings of Jim Lee. Originally, Channing Tatum was prepared to wear several hats for this project, director, screenwriter and performer. But he is now about to turn the page and abandon his dream.

Dog: photo, Channing Tatum“Well I’m going to go back to dancing if I don’t do pirouettes in Gambit”

The actor confided a few months ago to variety wanting to infuse an irreverent (adult?) aspect to his version, a wish that may have scared off the decision-makers at Marvel (whose tone is obviously more family-oriented). This would explain that Gambit died in the bud, knowing that the project had been skating for years, long before the Fox takeover.

So, of course, a last-minute twist can always happen (and it wouldn’t be the first in Hollywood or the small world of superhero cinema). However, Channing Tatum is going to have to move on for now. We also wonder if Kevin Feige intends to develop a feature film entirely dedicated to Gambit (which would be surprising given the busy schedule of the franchise). On the other hand, we imagine that he will appear one day or another in a future film X-Men. As for Channing Tatum, he gives us (logically) an appointment during the year with Magic Mike’s Last Dance.

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Gambit: Channing Tatum Confirms His X-Men Movie Is Surely Dead