Galette des rois: why it will cost more this year

APPLE OR FRANGIPANE – The season for the galette des rois is on. But this year, it will cost you more. Calvados bakers tell us why.

The first pancakes are installed in the window, but they will be a little more expensive this year. In a bakery in Calvados, they will cost 20 euro cents more per share. Which puts bakers in difficulty. “We will say that we were on eight, nine euros for a four person. There, we will spend on ten, eleven euros. If we do not increase, we are not paid despite all the work that we do. And on the other hand, if we increase too much, we won’t sell it “, testifies Anaïs Derain, baker at the Folies Normandes, in the 13H TF1 report at the top of this article.

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To understand this increase, you have to get behind the stove. The price of butter continues to increase: it has taken almost 25% in one year. Last month, the baker at the Folies Normandes had to pay 250 euros more than usual. “Almost all the pastry is made from butter so it counts a lot more and you have to try to pass that on to the products, which is not easy”, explains Brendon Gastine.

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At the start of the year, sales of pancakes represented 50% of turnover. For their part, customers do not seem to be bothered by this increase. “I think it’s completely normal. The bakers must pass on this increase. It’s a shame for us, but we will continue to appreciate these good pancakes”, smiles a bakery customer.

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The same goes for another bakery in Calvados. All raw materials have increased, so the portion of pancake will cost ten cents more. In 30 years of career, Isabelle Béliarde has never seen this. “This is the first time that we have increased our prices like this. Our margin will of course suffer the consequences, but that is why it has to stop increasing because at the end of a moment, it will no longer be possible “, she says. Each year, in France, in January, 30 million pancakes are sold.

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Galette des rois: why it will cost more this year