Funny Chris Evans movie with other Marvel actors that will make you rethink your vision of love

Over the past decade, a group of young comedians have found their place in the industry and won the affection of the public forever. AND Chris Evans, after giving life to the Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, was not excluded from the list. It is that with his performance in the superhero franchise, he was then able to show that he is much more than that and that can be part of films of all genres.

Even from a romantic comedy, because in 2011 star Count my ex-boyfriends -now available on Netflix– and made viewers fall in love with his work. It’s not the only time he’s engaged in a rather romantic affair, but this film directed by Marc Mylod You will surely love it: it combines humor, relationships and as if that were not enough, it has the performances of other Marvel actors.

It was originally titled What is your number? and was based on 20 times a lady, the book written by Karyn Bosnak. What is the story about? Written by Gabrielle Allan and Jennifer Crittenden, stars Ally Darling, a thirty-year-old woman who has had a disappointing love life and who, after her boyfriend breaks up with her, wonders if maybe her soul mate was one of all her exes. For this, he decides to search one by one until he finds out.

Anna Faris is the protagonist and is very well accompanied by Ari Graynor and Blythe Danner. That’s not all, as a long list of actors with famous faces scrolls through the cast. Among them, personalities from Kevin Feige’s company such as Chris Pratt in the shoes of the dirty Donald, Anthony Mackie like Tom Piper and Martin Freeman like Simon.

They are far from interpreting Star-Lord, Falcon et Everett K. Ross respectively. Chris Evans is also nowhere near impersonating someone like Steve Rogers or Captain America. However, the combination is a lot of fun and engaging. If you are looking for a movie under two hours to watch this weekend, you can’t miss this streaming option that will make you rethink your vision of love.

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Funny Chris Evans movie with other Marvel actors that will make you rethink your vision of love