From winning the Oscar for Best Actor to leaving Hollywood movies: George Clooney is partly to blame

Although jean dugardin enjoyed a successful journey through the Hollywood industry, his American artistic career did not last long as he was part of a film directed by George Clooney which was a complete commercial failure.

Artistic career of Jean Dujardin

As Sensacine indicates on its website, the actor had already been in the world of cinema for more than 10 years when the public and critics around the world fell at his feet. However, he was recognized for his outstanding participation in ‘The Artist’. The French film released in 2011 under the baton and also script of Michel Hazanavicius which, after giving a surprise in Cannes a few months before its premiere, would end up making the Americas and becoming the brand new winner of the 84th edition of the Oscars.

jean dugardin

It should be noted that it would start as the film with the most nominations with a total of 10 nominations and would take no less than five statuettes: among which were included Best Film, Best Director and also Best Actor for the famous, being the first French actor to to get it.

At that time he was 39 years old and his achievement allowed everyone to turn their attention to the talented Frenchman, who had started in the art world just a couple of decades ago developing a show created and starring him in various venues and cabarets.

His career began to take off at the end of the 90s, when he became one of the characters in the comedy ‘Un gars, un fille’, in which he participated for four years in more than 400 episodes, as the website recalls. already cited. From that moment on, the interpreter focused his career more on the cinema, with films like ‘Le convoyeur’ (2004), ‘Brice de Nice’ (2005), ‘OSS 117: El Cairo. Nest of spies’ (2006), ’99 Francs’ (2007), or ‘Little unimportant lies’ (2010), among others, which would gradually give him greater popularity. But always in his country.

By achieving his success in ‘The Artist’, a film about Hollywood in the late 1920s when silent cinema is about to end, Hollywood fell at the feet of the French actor.

jean dugardin

Winner at Cannes, the Golden Globe, the Oscar and the Bafta, among others, jean dugardin She signed with a major Beverly Hills agent agency and her career took off.

In his first great experience in Hollywood, he pocketed none other than Martin Scorsesewho chose him for one of the characters in his film, ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’, in which he would share the bill with Leonardo DiCaprio, Margot Robbie, Jonah Hill and Matthew McConaughey, among others.

End of Jean Dujardin’s career in Hollywood

As we mentioned at the beginning, the time of jean dugardin in Hollywood was short when he was one of the protagonists of ‘Monuments Men’ directed by George ClooneyAfter that experience, he returned to focus on French cinema and less commercial work, which is where he has spent 90% of his career.

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From winning the Oscar for Best Actor to leaving Hollywood movies: George Clooney is partly to blame