Courteney Cox launches her household products

It’s not make-up or moisturizers that American star Courteney Cox imagined, but rather household products.

Unveiled at the end of January, Homecourt is the news brand of household products created by Courteney Cox. The actress known for her mythical role of Monica Geller in the series Friends shares the same passion for cleaning as his cult character from the 1990s.

Household products by Courteney Cox: elegant fragrances

Through this new brand of household productsCourteney Cox wished “ create a home beauty line “. It is therefore no surprise that we discover perfumes divine which embalm our interior. Rose, mint, cypress or even neroli emerge from the various household products in a subtle and delicate way. Special mention for the “Cece” perfume, a fragrance imagined by the actress herself and which includes notes of cedarwood, cardamom, white leather and cinnamon.

Household products by Courteney Cox: victims of their success

Barely released at the end of January, Homecourt household products have been robbed. the hand soap, dishwashing liquid and the multi-surface product that clean surfaces in addition to protecting the skin are no longer available. However, a restocking is already planned. Not to mention the release of the Homecourt candle, scheduled for spring 2022.