Frida Kahlo, Dalai Lama, Sylvester Stallone, 50 Cent, Eva Green, Ranveer Singh and Janet Leigh were born on July 6


Frida Kahlo, Dalai Lama, Sylvester Stallone, 50 Cent, Eva Green and Ranveer Singh share their date of birth in common, on July 6, their parents had the joy of starting their life paths with them.

Frida Kahlo

Magdalena Carmen Frida Kahlo Calderón, known as Frida Kahlo, was born on July 6, 1907 in Coyoacán, Mexico City, she was a renowned painter. Her work thematically revolves around her biography and her own suffering. She was the author of 150 works, mainly self-portraits, in which she projected her difficulties in surviving.

At the age of eighteen, Frida Kahlo suffered a very serious accident that forced her to undergo a long convalescence, during which she learned to paint, and which most likely influenced the formation of the complex psychological world that is reflected in her works. In 1929 she married the muralist Diego Rivera; three years later she suffered an abortion that deeply affected her delicate sensibility and inspired two of her most valued works: Henry Ford Hospital and Frida and abortion, whose complex symbology is known from the explanations of her own painter.

His self-portraits are also highly appreciated, also of complex interpretation: Self-portrait with monkeys or Las dos Fridas. When André Breton learned of Frida Kahlo’s work, he affirmed that the Mexican woman was a spontaneous surrealist and invited her to exhibit in New York and Paris, the latter city in which she was not very well received. Frida never felt close to surrealism, and at the end of her days she openly rejected that her artistic creation was framed in that trend.

Tenzin Gyatso (Dalai Lama)

Tenzin Gyatso is the fourteenth Dalai Lama, spiritual leader of Tibet, religious leader of the Gelug school of Tibetan Buddhism, Kundun, which in Tibetan: སྐུ་མདུན་་, Wylie: sku mdun means “the presence”, is the title given to the dalai lama.

He was born on July 6, 1935 in Qinghai, China. At the age of four, he was identified as the fourteenth incarnation of Avalokitesvara. On February 22, 1940, he was proclaimed ruler of Tibet, and since then he has been the supreme head of all Buddhist communities in his country. During the Chinese invasion (October 1950) he had to conclude the Beijing agreement with that country, which guaranteed the autonomy of his country (May 23, 1951). The subsequent occupation of the country by China forced the Dalai-Lama to take refuge in North India, where he still remains despite offers made by the Chinese government (1984) to move back to Tibet. In 1987, a two-year-old Spanish boy, Osel Hita Torres, born in Bubión (Granada), was recognized by the dalai-lama as his successor. In 1989 he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

Sylvester Stallone

He was born on July 6, 1946 in New York, United States. American actor and film director. Despite his limited acting resources, he succeeded as an action movie hero in the ’80s and ’90s, starring in blockbuster films like Rocky (1976) and Cornered (1982), followed up in numerous sequels.

Born into a very humble family, he was expelled from fourteen schools in eleven years, but thanks to his muscular physique, he obtained an athletics scholarship. He also attended theater courses at the University of Miami, where he was assured that acting was not his thing. He worked various jobs, but, determined to become an actor, he appeared in pornographic films in the 1970s.

After some brief and curious appearances on the big screen (such as his small role in 1971 in Woody Allen’s Bananas), in 1974 he played one of the main roles in the low-budget film The Lords of Flatbus, and the following year he made supporting roles in other films. Determined to become a star, it occurred to him to write his own script: in three days he completed the first draft of Rocky, the story of a boxer who manages to succeed despite all obstacles; Apparently, the idea occurred to him watching a Cassius Clay match.

Stallone sold the script for a relatively small sum (but with a large share of the potential profits) on the condition that he be cast in the title role. The film was the box office success of 1976 and won the Oscars for best picture, best director and best editing; overnight, he became an established actor and earned handsomely from his share of the profits.

50 Cent

Curtis James Jackson, born on July 6, 1975 in New York, USA, better known by his stage name 50 Cent, is an American singer-songwriter and actor. He achieved worldwide fame with the release of his albums Get Rich or Die Tryin’ and The Massacre, both of which achieved multi-platinum success.

eva green

Eva Gaëlle Green is a French actress, born on July 6, 1980.

Daughter of the comic actress Marlene Jobert and a dentist of Swedish origin, Eva Green began her studies in Dramatic Art in London, at the Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art. Her great talent has been noticed on the stage since she was very young and in 2003 she received her first chance at the hands of the famous filmmaker Bernardo Bertolucci, who chose her to play one of the leading roles in the film ‘ Dreamers’.

After participating in the French film ‘Arsene Lupine’ in 2004, the actress got her first opportunity in Hollywood a year later with the film ‘Kingdom of Heaven’, in which she works under the orders of Ridley Scott. In 2006 her career took a decisive leap when she was chosen to play the Bond girl in the new movie of the famous saga, ‘007: Casino Royale’, in which she stars with Daniel Craig.

From then on, she became more popular with the general public and, after starring in titles such as ‘The Golden Compass’ (2007) or ‘Cracks’ (2009), she was chosen to give life to Morgana in the Starz television series, ‘ Camelot’, based on the life of King Arthur.

Ranveer Singh

Ranveer Singh was born on July 6, 1985 in Bombay, Maharashtra, India.

He is an Indian actor who has participated in different movies of the Bollywood genre. He has received several awards, including two Filmfare Awards, and is among the highest-paid actors in the country.

janet leigh

Jeanette Helen Morrison was born on July 6 in Merced, California in 1927.

American film actress. When she was discovered in 1947 by Norma Shearer, then a former actress and widow of producer Irving G. Thalberg, Janet Leigh was still studying music at a California university. Beautiful and fresh-faced, though with no prior film experience, she played mostly ingénue roles in many of Metro Goldwyn Mayer’s studio productions in the late 1940s and early 1950s. thanks to his intervention in Little Women (1949), by Mervyn LeRoy, adaptation of the famous autobiographical novel by Louise May Alcott.

She achieved a more mature and sexier appearance after her airy marriage to Tony Curtis, which lasted from 1951 to 1962, and gradually improved in terms of acting quality. Although her best work is in comedies and in the musical genre, she also proved to be endowed with a convincing dramatic flair in films destined for the Olympus of masterpieces, such as Orson Welles’ Thirst for Evil (1958), a thriller about the police corruption in which he was a partner of Charlton Heston, and Psycho (1961), the film with which Alfred Hitchcock inaugurated a fruitful (a thousand times imitated) synthesis of terror and suspense and which earned him his only Oscar nomination.

Since the 1970s, his appearances on celluloid have been more and more spaced out; on the contrary, she frequented numerous television series as a guest artist, acted on Broadway and wrote her memoirs, entitled There Really Was a Hollywood (1984). Other notable titles from his filmography are Scaramouche (1952), The Valiant Prince (1954), Pete Kelly’s Blues (1955), Safari (1956), The Vikings (1958), The Messenger of Fear (1962), Harper, Private Investigator ( 1966) and A Woman Without Love (1972).

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Frida Kahlo, Dalai Lama, Sylvester Stallone, 50 Cent, Eva Green, Ranveer Singh and Janet Leigh were born on July 6