Football – Climbs / descents: a Sunday under high tension for the clubs of Cher in Regional 2 and Regional 3

In Regional 2, only Moulon (3rd, 50 pts) is still in the race for the climb since Saint-Doulchard (4th, 45 pts) was scuttled by losing its last two games. Youcef Benghourieb’s men are totally masters of their destiny since they welcome Olivet (2nd, 50 pts) with whom they are tied. A victory and the Berruyers go up to R1, another result and the Loiretans validate second place. In the first leg, Olivet won 3-0.
At the lower level, it is in pool D that two departmental clubs can still hope to go up to R2. But neither Fussy / Saint-Martin / Vignoux (3rd, 41 pts) nor Saint-Germain-du-Puy (4th, 41 pts) have their future in hand. Indeed, the two teams are in ambush, one point behind the second, Chouzy / Onzain (2nd, 42 pts). The Loir-et-Cher team will go up to R2 if they dominate Vatan (8th, 31 pts) who will play for their maintenance in this match. In the event of a misstep, Fussy, who receives Montgivray (5th, 32 pts) or the ASSG who moves to Gazélec (6th, 32 pts) can win the bet. Mehdy Dos Reis and Fussy can still ride

In Pool C, Trouy (3rd, 38 pts) already knows that he will finish third. This day will not be enough to make up the five points behind Yann Ménard’s men on Déols (2nd, 43 pts).

The struggle to maintain

In R2, in pool A, Massay (12th, 15 pts) has understood for several weeks that his future would be written on the lower floor and the reception of Amilly B (12th, 15 pts) will not change anything. Conversely, a few kilometers away, the reserve of Vierzon FC (7th, 32 pts) plays big against a team from La Chaussée (10th, 25 pts) condemned. A victory would allow the Vierzonnais to breathe, but their fate also depends on whether or not Romorantin remains in National 2
. The descent of the Solognots would have an impact on all the regional championships.
In Regional 3, Bourges Gazélec (6th, 32 pts) is thus one of the teams concerned by this fight for maintenance. Anthony Caron’s players will be maintained if they dominate Saint-Germain-du-Puy. Otherwise, they could see Blois C and Vatan pass them. With the risk, by finishing eighth, that their survival depends on the classification of fair play. An exercise in which they really did not shine this season.

For Vignoux and Henrichemont, hopes of maintenance disappeared several months ago.

Currently 14th in Pool A of National 2, SO Romorantin must beat Poissy tonight (6 p.m.) and hope for a poor performance from Saint-Malo against Saint-Pryvé / Saint-Hilaire to maintain their position. If Romorantin goes down, there will be one more relegation in each divisionAntonin Bisson

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Football – Climbs / descents: a Sunday under high tension for the clubs of Cher in Regional 2 and Regional 3