First Poster for “Finch”: Apple’s Sci-Fi Movie with Tom Hanks

A few weeks ago Apple showed the first image of one of its most anticipated science fiction productions for su plataforma de streaming, Apple TV. Finch, named after its protagonist played by Tom Hanks, tells the story of one of the last survivors of a post-apocalyptic land that has as only company his dog and his robot Jeff.

The story promises a thrilling plot, due in part to the robot’s construction Finch has a sweet goal: Keep your pet company after death. As has happened with a good number of productions during the pandemic, Finch was scheduled to hit theaters, but the quarantine and the risks of contagion that limited the leisure time postponed its exhibition several times until the apple company acquired the production to include it in the catalog of your streaming platform. The heart of this adventure will reside in how the protagonist makes this journey with Jeff, showing you the importance of what it means to be alive.

Tom Hanks has a brilliant acting career and yet Finch it will be the first purely science fiction story of his filmography. Robot Jeff’s voice and motion capture is provided by Caleb Landry Jones (X Men First generation, Let me out) and in flashbacks, you will see Lora Martinez-Cunnigham like his wife already Marie Wagenman like his daughter. Miguel Sapochnik, its director, is no stranger to the world of science fiction, since he has directed the film Repo Man, what’s more of various episodes of series such as Fringe, Revolution, Falling Skies and Altered Carbon. His skills are more than demonstrated in the television world, also being responsible for one of the best chapters of the epic Game of Thrones, The battle of the bastards.

The poster has been published by Amblin Entertainment, the production company of Steven Spielberg on his official Twitter account. The director and Hanks make up one of the longest-running actor / filmmaker partnerships in the industry. Finch It will premiere on November 5 exclusively for Apple TV Plus. Date so close that it will surely bring a first trailer shortly.

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