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The fourth installment of the Matrix saga arrives this December 22 at the cinema with Keanu Reeves, alias Neo. An accomplished actor whom life has not spared. An existence marked by abandonment and mourning.

He is making his comeback in the saga that relaunched his career at the end of the 90s. Keanu Reeves returns to the character of Neo in Matrix Resurrections, at the cinema this Wednesday, December 22. The 57-year-old Canadian actor with a busy career, (Dangerous relationships, Dracula, Point Break, Speed, Matrix, John Wick…) is a very discreet man about his private life. A star who stands out in Hollywood, marked by several personal tragedies.

Keanu Reeves was born in Beirut, Lebanon. Her mother, Patricia, is British, a costume designer by trade. His father, Samuel, an American geologist of Chinese-Hawaiian descent, was jailed for heroin trafficking. He left the family home when young Keanu was still just a child. Father and son last saw each other while on vacation in Hawaii, Keanu Reeves was 13. “The next day, he took us home [sa mère Patricia, sa sœur Kim et lui] at the airport and we haven’t heard from him again for the next ten years. No call, no letter, nothing, he said in Whoa is (not) me in 2002.

Keanu Reeves decides to make a career in cinema. On the set of the film My Own Private Idaho (1992), directed by Gus Van Sant, a beautiful friendship born between Keanu Reeves and the actor River Phoenix, brother of Joaquin Phoenix. But in 1993, everything changed. On the night of October 30-31, River Phoenix goes out to the Viper Room, a club in Los Angeles, with his brother. The young actor consumes a mixture of cocaine and heroin and dies of an overdose in the arms of his brother. He was 23 years old. Keanu Reeves, then in the middle of filming Speed, just lost his best friend. The actor is devastated.

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© FAME PICTURES / BESTIMAGEKeanu Reeves and Jennifer Syme at the funeral of their daughter Ava in 1999.

“I think you can never really forget these things”

A few years later, the fate persists. In 1999, Keanu Reeves faced the most painful of suffering: the death of her child. Her daughter Ava, born out of the love affair with her then-partner Jennifer Syme, died when she was born. Unable to overcome the mourning of their child, the couple separate. One year later, his ex-partner dies in a traffic accident, when she was pregnant again. “I think you can never really forget these things”, he tells us in 2017. A double drama that will push him to withdraw from Hollywood for many years.

In 2014, the press unveiled her sister Kim’s illness, a leukemia diagnosed in the 90s. For years, the young woman could count on the support of his brother to overcome the disease. Subsequently, the actor generously sent donations to various associations, including the fight against cancer. Keanu Reeves is a generous and humble man who has suffered a lot. In recent years, the actor has found happiness alongside his new companion, Alexandra Grant.

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Fate hunts down Keanu Reeves (Matrix Resurrections): the dramas that marked his life – Gala