Farewell to Star Wars: Daisy Ridley would join the Marvel Cinematic Universe

For him Marvel Cinematic Universe dozens of prestigious actors have paraded who demonstrated that they have no prejudices when participating in a superhero franchise. Nobody wants to be left out of the success that the study chaired by Kevin Feige. And among them there are also interpreters who went through phenomena such as DC The Star Wars and who want to have a second chance of that dimension.

Apparently, Daisy Ridley -Who played Rey in the third trilogy of Star Wars– could be in talks to join the MCU. The English actress knows very well what working with Disney, so it would not be that far from joining a mega production in the hands of the Mickey Mouse company, although this time far from Lucas Movie. Like so many others, Marvel Studios’ proposal could be more than tempting.

How did the rumor come about? Months ago, the protagonist of Star Wars He told in an interview that he received the script for Spider-Woman in hands of Olivia Wilde and he assured that he would love to be part of a project at that level. As she spoke with Comic Book, all that was further enhanced by the fans and the idea took on even more significance than she had wanted to give it with her words.

It’s funny because someone suddenly asked me about the Spider-Woman rumors recently and I said: ‘Oh it sounds great”, He began saying. The actress who played Rey said in relation to the big franchises: “Apparently now it seems that I have declared myself as the favorite for the role, which is not true! I don’t really choose things, I didn’t set out to make another great movie. Simply I read the script and I loved the idea”.

Although he assured that he wants to take time from such colorful films to be part of smaller projects, Giant Freakin Robot says he is in talks with Kevin Feige’s studio to be part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Will it be with Spider-Woman? Nothing is confirmed yet, although this role would come just in time after the unprecedented success of Spider-Man: No Way Home, where it stood out Tom Holland, actor with whom he shared the leading role in Chaos Walking.

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Farewell to Star Wars: Daisy Ridley would join the Marvel Cinematic Universe