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U.S. – Paul Rudd was in charge of closing season 47 of Saturday Night Live Saturday, December 18. The actor could not have an audience in the studio due to new complications regarding the pandemic of coronavirus. Although it had two special guests to the show; we talk about Tina Fey Y Tom Hanks.

These two renowned actors welcomed the renowned actor, giving him the honor of belonging to a limited club. The same is the group of actors who have conducted the show five times, to celebrate it they even gave him a rather elegant jacket that had the number five, embroidered in gold. Rudd was grateful to have been cast so many times by the show.

Tom Hanks spoke for the producers of SNL, saying they had planned to hold a Christmas show to close the season, but the coronavirus ended up arriving early this year. Then he added that for that reason there would be no musical moment and that the hearing had been canceled for security reasons. One of the data that attracted the most attention is that even members of the staff were sent home.

Before introducing Paul Rudd, Hanks had a little moment talking to Fey about the elite little club on the show. The actor said that he had inaugurated the group, to which Tina responded by saying that the actor had also inaugurated the coronavirus. Let us remember that the protagonist of “Forest Gump”Was one of the first Hollywood actors to have the disease.

While the special of Paul Rudd was notoriously reduced, the actor did not lose his joy and presented the sketches that were pre-recorded. The audience regretted not being able to face the end of the season, but they agreed on the measures taken by the show due to the increasing risk of contagion.

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Exclusive club! Paul Rudd is surprised by Tina Fey and Tom Hanks – The Intranews