EXCLUDED. Gillian Anderson (Sex Education): “Watching the series with my children was very embarrassing”

After playing Agent Scully for many years in The X-Files, Gillian Anderson slipped into the shoes of a sex therapist in the hit Netflix series, Sex Education. In an interview granted in our columns, the actress revealed that it was difficult for her to watch this program with her children.

From this Sunday, April 17, Gillian Anderson is featured in a brand new series: The First Lady. A fiction in which the American actress plays Eleanor Roosevelt, the wife of the former President of the United States, Franklin D. Roosevelt. On this occasion, she confided in our columns, in an interview to be found on newsstands from this Monday, April 18.

Before taking on the role of the former First Lady, Gillian Anderson exploded in the eyes of viewers by playing the agent Dana Scully in the cult series X Files. While many fans of the program are hoping for a comeback from the actress in the science fiction program, the latter has cut short the rumors. “It’s never going to happen. X-Files: it’s over!”she said.

Gillian Anderson: ‘I think they’re embarrassed that I’m playing in it’

It must also be said that Gillian Anderson has a busy schedule. The American star is also present in the famous Netflix series: Sex Education. In it, she plays Jean Milburn, the mother of Otis, the main character of the fiction. She is also a therapist and sexologist and never hesitates to give advice to her son, in a totally uninhibited way, about his sexuality. A role that would have encouraged him to talk about sex education with his own children? Not so sure, as she told us. “It is complicated ! Kids don’t want to talk about sex with their parents, and that’s one of the reasons why this series is so popular. Parents learn how to talk about these topics and children learn how to ask these questions. However, I tried to watch with my children, and it is very annoying. I think they’re embarrassed that I play in it, she said. Gillian Anderson is a mother of three children: a daughter, named Piper Maru, born in 1994, and two sons, Oscar in 2006, and Felix in 2008. Stack the right age for the last two to start addressing these questions.

An interview to be found in full in your Télé Star, this Monday, April 18


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EXCLUDED. Gillian Anderson (Sex Education): “Watching the series with my children was very embarrassing”