Ester Expósito sports a new haircut inspired by one of Jennifer Aniston’s 90s and no, it’s not “The Rachel”

The young Spanish actress demonstrates once again how Generation Z is fascinated by nostalgia for the 90s and 2000s

When friends was about to premiere, no one on the team behind the mythical series could get an idea of ​​everything that would come after the launch of its first chapter. And even less Jennifer Aniston, the one who ended up becoming the most media of the entire cast after the end of production.

As the episodes progressed, the character of Rachel Green, played by the protagonist of The Morning Showbecame a style icon, so much so that one of his haircuts was even called as “Rachel” due to the demand it generated in hairdressing salons around the world. However, in 2011, the actress revealed to the American edition of Allure that she hated that “look” that she wore during the second season of the “sitcom”.

During the years of broadcasting Friends, interest in Jennifer Aniston did not stop increasing and the madness ended when Brad Pitt made a cameo in the series when he already shared his life with the actress, because yes, before founding his own “skin care” brand, appearing at Wimbledone like God and being married to Angelina Jolie, he was also married to her.

And now, despite the passage of time, the Aniston of the 90s and early 2000s continues to be a style benchmark, as the young Spanish interpreter Ester Expósito has shown with her latest change in “look”: a cut from her layered hair with the tips turned inone of the most iconic hairstyles of the character of Green, and of Aniston, in the year 1997, which coincides with the third season of the series that launched her to international fame.

It is well known that the protagonist of Elite She is a fashion lover from past decades as a good member of Generation Z, that’s why I already told you that “gloss” is the make-up product she can’t live without, so it’s not surprising that now she’s encouraged to take this step.

To curl the nostalgic curl, Ester Expósito has combined her new long hair with sunglasses two thousand and low-waisted pants, that trend that is back and that caused 1001 headaches for young women a few years ago due to the impossibility of fitting into them and practically unattainable aesthetic standards. Of course, our hope is that this return is being much more inclusive and less toxic.

After participating in Elite as part of the original main cast, the actress from Madrid has become a worldwide reference, accumulating more than 27 million followers on her Instagram account, where she has shared her new change with them and has participated in international productions such as the Mexican feature film lost in the nightwhich went through the Cannes Film Festival last May.

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Ester Expósito sports a new haircut inspired by one of Jennifer Aniston’s 90s and no, it’s not “The Rachel”