Enrique Iglesias in mourning: he has just lost a loved one

Enrique Iglesias has had a heavy heart since Sunday 22 August. Indeed, the singer has lost a member of his family.

It’s a hell of a blow to the Iglesias family. Enrique Iglesias just lost his maternal grandmother, named Beatriz Arrastia Reinares. The latter died this Sunday, August 22, at the age of 98, surrounded by her relatives in Madrid. A huge loss for the whole family. The singer, who currently lives in the United States with his partner Ana Kournikova and their three children, will come to support his mother, Philippine Isabel Preysler in Madrid.

According to information from Daily Mail, Enrique Iglesias will be accompanied by his brother, singer Julio José Iglesias to attend his grandmother’s funeral. A tribute was also held this Monday, August 23 within the home of the deceased. Unlike the rest of the family, the latter was not a fan of appearances in the media, as recalled Vanity Fair. Settled in Madrid in 1992, she left Manila on the death of her husband. Unlike her, the sisters of Enrique Iglesias’ grandmother are well known to the general public. When one was voted Miss Philippine, the other was none other than Neile Adams, Steve McQueen’s first wife !

A united family in mourning

A very difficult test therefore for Enrique Iglesias, who has always been very attached to his family, like his brother Julio, who in February 2020 had formalized the birth of the singer’s third child: “I have already become an uncle, my brother has three. He is very happy, he is fulfilled in life and in music, obviously.” It took a few days for the mother, Anna Kournikova to confirm the news, by posting two pictures, where fans of the artist could see him kissing the forehead of his sweetheart. The two lovebirds were already parents of twins, named Nicholas and Lucy, born two years earlier. A beautiful family, which today will have to stick together to overcome this difficult ordeal.

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