Enola Holmes: the real reason why Henry Cavill returns in the sequel


The sequel to Enola Holmes arrives on Netflix in November and Henry Cavill confessed what attracted him to return. He knows what he said.

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Come back Enola Holmes! Yes. In less than a month Millie Bobby Brown will put herself, once again, in the skin of this character to return to Netflix. The actress will premiere the sequel to this feature film on November 4. Although, this time, her role will be much more adult and promising. Well, she is now a trained detective who even has her own investigative agency. Of course, throughout the story, she must fight with the legacy of her brother, Sherlock.

This is because Sherlock Holmes is one of the most well-known and respected investigators in the world. So he not only faces what his last name means, but also his little credibility before such an icon of the profession. That’s why now, Enola Holmes adds challenges to its history. Although, what does not go unnoticed is the return of henry cavill in the skin of the famous detective. Yes. Even though his return was already fully confirmed, he continues to charm fans.

However, it also surprises them. It should be noted that henry cavill He is one of the most versatile actors in the film industry. In his career he has had different roles that he has done perfectly, as is the case with Geralt of Rivia in The Witcher. In any case, he does not detract from any of his characters and he takes them all from different perspectives, as is the case with sherlock in Enola Holmes.

Moreover, in a recent interview, he assured why he decided to return. “It is important to do things right. It’s important to make sure the tone of things doesn’t get lost in the potential excitement of franchises and universes. Sherlock enjoys it immensely, as much as it frustrates and discourages him trying to figure out who the hell he is.”, he began by saying.

Then he added: “I think a part of him enjoys being really challenged. It’s not boring. He’s on the defensive and on the ropes”. And, without a doubt, it is because of this emotion and adrenaline that Cavill chose to put himself back in the shoes of this character. Of course, the truth is that now he also faces a few arguments with his sister, demonstrating once again the perfect chemistry with Millie Bobby Brown.

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Enola Holmes: the real reason why Henry Cavill returns in the sequel