Emmanuelle: the version with Léa Seydoux will be erotic and feminine

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The version ofEmmanuelle produced by Audrey Diwan will be erotic but very different from the previous ones, according to the actress Léa Seydoux.

Even if it divides a part of the public opinion, Léa Seydoux achieves for the moment a rather incredible course. The actress has won the favor of several great directors, including David Cronenberg, Wes Anderson, Xavier Dolan and Yorgos Lanthimos. In addition, it is also able to switch registers at any time and participate in a franchise of the scale of james bond. And some time ago she joined the four-star cast of Denis Villeneuve on Dunes 2.

The blockbuster adapted from the universe of Frank Herbert will have nothing to do with his other major project of 2023, namely the new version ofEmmanuelletaken from the eponymous book by Emmanuelle Arsan. Léa Seydoux will indeed play in the remake of the famous erotic film to which she rightly returned.

My Wife's Story: photo, Gijs Naber, Léa Seydoux“Yes, you will make an excellent Emmanuelle”

Léa Seydoux has indeed entrusted to the Montreal Journal that this future transposition would be very different from the series of feature films dedicated to the character in the past:

“It will be very different and it will have nothing to do with the Emmanuelle films that have been made in the past. It will really be an Emmanuelle of 2023. There will be eroticism, but it will be approached through a feminine prism and from her own perspective. »

Léa Seydoux’s statement is not surprising in itself. I have to say that the films previously devoted to the work of Emmanuelle Arsan largely betrayed the female gaze of the original work. The novels indeed described the sexual fantasies from the point of view of its heroine while the version of Just Jaeckin, for example, staged the various erotic passages with a typically masculine treatment (to entice).

The event: photo Anamaria VartolomeiWill Emmanuelle be as powerful as L’Événement?

Another negligence, the director did not always respect the principle of internal focus. Fortunately, according to Léa Seydoux, Audrey Diwan should affix a completely feminine vision to the whole (as Emmanuelle Arsan initially did in her novel). And that will not surprise those who have seen (appreciated) the filmmaker’s work on The Event.

That is why Emmanuelle arouses more and more curiosity. If we believe the words of one of the main interested parties, the feature film could offer a variation of the character created by Emmanuelle Arsan, very far from the stereotypes enacted by previous adaptations. We are therefore waiting for the first images and the trailer to get a better idea of ​​the subject.

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Emmanuelle: the version with Léa Seydoux will be erotic and feminine