Emma Watson’s most prestigious vehicle that she only uses on special occasions

As she has shown throughout her career, the British is considered a humble person who does not usually take great luxuries in her life. Beyond this, Emma Watson is still a millionaire and therefore, she has many cars to her credit. Although there is one of them in particular that she stands out and that she only uses on special occasions, slide and find out!

Emma Watson is a 33-year-old established actresswhich has made several important characters in the world of acting, although there is one of them that stands out from the rest. Emma played Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter saga. The European fulfilled that role so well, that to this day she is mainly known for that character..

Currently she is seen somewhat removed from the acting field, she is more focused on her work as UN ambassador representing women’s rights. Without a doubt we are talking about an eminence as an actress and as a woman, but such a person has to have a car to match her. That is why he decided to purchase an elegant Rolls Royce Ghost for special occasions..

This luxurious car has a 12-cylinder V engine, with 6.6 liters of displacement and supercharging by means of two turbochargers.. It offers 571 CV of power and a maximum torque of 850 NM, which are transmitted to the ground through an 8-speed torque converter automatic transmission.

The Rolls-Royce Ghost has an all-wheel drive system and a 4-wheel steering system, which makes it a vehicle with very remarkable features: accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.8 seconds, reaching a top speed of 250 km/h electronically limited. The Rolls-Royce Ghost homologates an average consumption of 15.8 litres/100 km and since it does not have any hybridization system, it receives the C label from the DGT.

ANDThis model, which starts at $ 340,000, is not a great purchase for the economic level of Emma Watson. While it’s a lot of money, it’s far from an expensive purchase for her. Although it should be noted, like any famous actress, it is not the only vehicle that she has to her credit. Since a star like her, they usually have more than one car in her garage.

Emma Watson’s Rolls Royce

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Emma Watson’s most prestigious vehicle that she only uses on special occasions