Emma Watson: traumatized by the shooting of this film, the star of Harry Potter had to stay cloistered at home

From the saga Harry Potter to live action The beauty and the Beast Passing by Noah, The Bling Ring or The Daughters of Doctor March, Emma Watson’s filmography is full. At only 33 years old, the British actress has already visited many film sets… And had some traumatic experiences in front of the cameras that pushed her to retreat to her home.

shooting this movie impacted emma watson’s health

The job of an actor consists, among other things, in making the spectator forget that he is watching a work of fiction, the better to be immersed in the story being told. When a role is mastered by its interpreter, the latter disappears in favor of his character… A real magic trick that requires a long and intense preparation before shooting. A preparation about which the general public is sometimes misinformed, so much does the final result seem to have required no effort. And yet, the intensity of certain scenes can profoundly affect the emotional stability of actors. Emma Watson, the star ofHarry Potterrecently revealed to our colleagues at CheatSheet the deep sequels of a difficult experience lived on the set of a film set.

emma watson before noah premiere

By immersing themselves in the skin of their characters, actors can be impacted both physically and emotionally. Some roles are harder to take on than others, and for Emma Watson is filming Darren Aronofsky’s film, Noahwhich turned out to be an exhausting experiencefollowing which she remained cloistered at home for some time.

I was so physically and emotionally exhausted by the simple process of making the film. I do not have not left my apartment for several weeks and I walked around in my pajamas for several days in a row. I needed time to recover a bit.

Emma Watson spent several weeks in her apartment in her pajamas to recover from the filming of Noahin which she plays Ila, an orphan saved by Noah’s family.

noah emma watson

Physically, Emma Watson also faced a very tiring shootwhich earned her a facial injury, as she confided on the set of Lorraine in 2014. Indeed, the actress plays Ila, an orphan who falls in love with Noé’s eldest son, Sem. Played by Douglas Booth, the latter exchanges with the star some intense moments on the screen. A scene where the two actors kiss was particularly complicated to put in a box, and caused them both to bleed. Blame it on the large number of takes recorded by the actors for the scene to be successful…

In one scene, we had to run towards each other and kiss passionately. The first four or five takes went well, but on the sixth, we bumped into each other. My lip was bleeding, I think I hurt Doug’s nose, we were exhausted. It was not pretty at all.

Noah Darren Aronofsky

Originally it is her admiration for the director who first attracted her to accept the role of Ila, as well as the possibility of sharing the shooting with talented actors like Russell Crowe, Jennifer Connelly or Anthony Hopkins.

In a positive way, his role in Noah also had an impact on his view of the world. The film changed her perspective on society and her place in it. The actress has already confided in how this experience changed his view of humanity’s responsibility towards the Earthwhich pushed her to want to improve things.

Currently, Emma Watson has yet to announce any new projectshis last appearance in front of the cameras dating from the documentary Harry Potter: Return to Hogwarts, in which she finds her co-stars from the famous saga. Let’s hope that the actress’ break ends soon, and that her health allows her to return calmly to the film sets!

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Emma Watson: traumatized by the shooting of this film, the star of Harry Potter had to stay cloistered at home