Emma Watson getting married and retiring from acting? The actress finally cleared up the rumors

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The last time we saw Emma Watson in the cinema was at the end of 2019 with the premiere of Little women. The actress was slightly active on social networks for some months of 2020 but in August of that year we stopped hearing from her.

A change in her official Instagram profile in 2021 created the shocking rumor of a possible premature retirement from acting and there was even a theory that this decision was due to Watson being committed and ready to enjoy a new stage in her life. with her boyfriend Leo Robinton. However, after months of silence, Emma finally decided to clear up all the rumors.

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A little over eight months ago, on August 27, 2020, Emma Watson wrote a tweet in which he recommended reading the book Emergent Strategy.

No one thought this would be the star’s last social media interaction. Harry Potter in 2020 and the first five months of 2021. However, on Monday, May 17, the actress finally gave signs of life with a series of tweets.

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Watson addressed all her “dear fans” and clarified that the news about whether she is engaged or not or whether her career is on hiatus or not are just rumors. She assured and promised that if at any time something important happens worth sharing, she will be the one who will let all her followers know.

“If I have news, I promise I will share it with you.”

He took the opportunity to warn that her low profile is due to the way in which she continues to live the pandemic. He joked about the time he’s spent cooking and his attempts to make sourdough bread (sourdough bread) and added that the measures it is taking are focused on avoiding spreading the virus that, despite the fact that it is already being fought by vaccines, still continues to affect many people.

“In the meantime, assume that not hearing from me just means that I am quietly going through the pandemic as most people do: failing to make sourdough bread (!), Caring for loved ones, and doing whatever I can to not to spread a virus that continues to affect so many people. “

Finally, he said goodbye to his fans with a few brief and loving words and took the opportunity to thank all those who have worked so hard in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I send you a lot of love, hoping you are well and as happy as possible in these strange times. And again, thanks to everyone who worked so hard to keep us safe and sound.

E (Emma) Kisses. »

With these words, Emma said goodbye, who only shared this message on her Twitter, while her Instagram account remains without any update since June 2020 and her profile of IMDb does not announce any future projects on the big or small screen.

It’s really unknown when we’ll see Emma again at the movies, but at the very least, her brief message brings a bit of reassurance in knowing she’s okay.

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